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Being students who live in the university hostel, our one & only faithful friend that provides our daily bread is ‘The Mighty Rice Cooker’ and the portable Hot Plate!!

The food cooked may not look extremely interesting, but it sure tastes good! Here’s a glimpse of what we had early this semesters:

‘Queen’s Spread’

From bottom left (clockwise): steam egg with diced black mushrooms, fried egg with onions, stir fried turnip with carrots, stir fried glass noodles with some gourd (jit qua), radish soup with anchovies and carrot, & stir fried pak choy with sliced carrots.

This meal served 10 people!! Not too bad for students who don’t have the liberty and freedom to own their own kitchenette, eh? 😉 Give us some carrots, radish, pak choy, anchovies, turnip, eggs, and onions, and we wil give you a meal FIT for the queen! Hahahaha….




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