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CNY home-cooked dishes

Througout the entire week of our CNY break, the one thing that anyone (for the matter of fact) can do AND will do is E.A.T!

There is no doubt that people will find most Chinese looking more ‘prosperous’ than before 😉 One could not help but be flabbergastered by the amount of food and the variety available during this auspicious festival 😛 *yums*

My family had our ‘king spread’ as well. I’ve been eating SO much that sometimes just the look of food causes my stomach to churn!

The 1st day of CNY 2007 was celebrated in tradition. For my family, the first day will usually begin with Jai Choy (a vegetarian dish- a wholesome one), which I always look forward to 🙂


In this dish, there are around 15 types of ingredients in this wholesome dish!

1. Button mushroom
2. Black mushroom
3. Straw mushroom
4. Golden mushroom
5. Fu-chok (beancurd sheet)
6. Tim fu-chok (sweet beancurd sheet)
7. Pak choy (Chinese cabbage)
8. Fun-si (Glass noodles)
9. Pak guo (Gingko)
10. Wan yu (Thin black fungus)
11. Fatt-choy (Hair moss)
12. Tau-pok (Deep-fried beancurd)
13. Min-kan
14. Red chilli
15. Fu-yue (Preserved beancurd)

Amazing eh? This is the Wong family’s vegetarian dish 😉

Besides that, during the 1st day of CNY, my family also practice the ‘tea ceremony’. In this ceremony, every family member will serve their elders a cup of tea & say well-wishes as the elder drinks. It is a tradition as a sign of respect to our elders.



Every year, there’ll be trays of cookies & assortment laid out on the table for guests & family members to indulge in. This year, we had something different- preserved fruits/veggie.



In the tray above, there’re dried carrots, pineapples, gourd, nuts, lily roots (lin ngau), coconut, and i dunno whats 😉 All are coated with sugar powder/ icing.

CNY is also a time to bring out one’s creativity. This year, we had some piggies and mini mandarin oranges as display. It’s the year of the Boar!


My uncle bought those piggies from the SS2 market- from those China-chinese traders. It costs RM5/ piggy. He got all the colours available 🙂


CNY Day 2 Delight
This is the one dish that should not be missed in day 2 during the ‘hoi nin’ (open year).


We call it the ‘Choy Kiok’ (also known as ‘chap sui’, ‘lap chap choy’, syuen choy’…etc).

This dish is basically every other thing that is left over from the first day’s dishes. However, we add ‘kai choy’ (a type of vegie) into the dish to give it a kick of taste! This dish can also be cooked on purpose (don’t need to wait ’til there’s left overs to cook it).

Mainly, the dish wil contain:

  1. Kai choy
  2. Siew qu sau (roast pig knuckle)
  3. Roast duck
  4. Fried chicken feet
  5. Char yoke (fried pork marinated with preserved beancurd)
  6. Black chinese mushroom
  7. Asam skin
  8. Dried chilli
  9. Tomato & chilli sauce…etc

We also had other types of dishes on the 2nd day of CNY for brunch. Below are all only some of the exciting dishes that we had:

Lai yau har (Butter prawns)


Lap-ngap (Waxed Duck)


Chi ku fried with siew yoke & kan choy


Fried lap cheong (Chinese pork sausages) drizzled with dark black sauce


– Ruth

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Check this out…

I totally forgot to upload this pic! This is one of the BIGGEST prawn I’ve EVER eaten. One prawn costs about RM15.00!! I had this the night I got back from uni. See if your mouth waters man…



I shrinked the pic… can you just compare the size of the plate & the prawn itself?? The prawn practically covered HALF the plate!!! Mind you, it’s a dinner plate, not some tea-cup saucer!

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Chinese New Year Eve

Chinese New Year Eve is one special day for all who celebrate it. Being the ‘last day’ for the Chinese calander, this day is celebrated with a family reunion, loads of food, and a good time of fellowship & words of ‘prosperity’.

Here’s to share with all our readers what my family had for the CNY eve dinner…

Yee Sang:



Sweet & Sour Fish:


Char-Yoke (Pork with black fungus)


Roast Chicken

Ruth_Roast _Chicken

Stir-fried Turnip + Salad Leaves



Stir-fried French Beans with Dried Shrimp Bits + Fried Garlic


Vegetable Curry with Prawns


Hai-Jo (Crab meat, chopped water chestnut, & minced pork wrapped into a ball & fried)


Lotus Root Soup


All the dishes served (taken before the curry came out)

Wishing all our reader & friends a very Happy Chinese New Year & a great year ahead!

– Ruth

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Single Awareness Day (SAD)

At 6.30am this morning, I was listening to Hitz FM, when I heard this really amusing statement, “Welcome to Hitz FM. Today is Single Awareness Day…Happy SAD day!” It tickled me mad!

I have NEVER thought of such a thing! Oh boy, those people sure have a way of changing things around! Hahahaha…

It must be that people these days are finding it difficult to live alone, or to just celebrate singlehood 😉 Currently, I am enjoying the pleasure of being single; there’s freedom to go anywhere, do anything, & just go kacau anyone for the matter of fact!


I am currently sitting in Coffeebean at Bangsar Shopping Complex. It’s been 2 hours since I was here. I picked up Q for an interview & sent her to the company. So, while waiting for her, I decided to hang around at this cool, leisure-like place, which offers me FREE Wifi service for no time limit! Q went to sit for an aptitude test, by the way, so that’s why it took more than half an hour 😛 I wouldn’t come to such a place if not for the free ice-blended coffee coupon that I have…hahaha… having a cup of free ice-blended, with free internet connection (although not very smooth, but good enough) is perfect! Air-conditioned some more… walauwey…best!


I’m just sitting in front of the laptop, typing away…doesn’t look as if there are many couples hanging around together! LOL. People still have to work la huh? But I saw bouquets of flowers in front of a flower shop lining up to be delivered just now (on the way to Coffeebean) 🙂 Interesting.

So, it’s Single Awareness Day (SAD)…haha… how SAD are you? I’m not 😉 I’m stil happy. Just give Miss Wong a cup of free ice-blended, free Wifi connection, & some friends to chat with online, & she’ll be a ‘Happy Bunny’… hahaha..


– Ruth

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How do you define love?

Is love confined to a day? Is love just a mere ‘feeling’? Today is Valentine’s Day, & for the general public, it is a ‘special’ day to remember those whom we love. The ultimate million dollar question is, “Is the expression of love confined to just a day? If the answer is no, then why is there such a big hoo-ha about this occasion?” I am not against love, no, no, not at all! I am just being rationale as to how love is define…My, my, St. Valentine from Rome, the person behind the idea of Valentine’s Day (he died on February 14, 269 A.D), must have ‘lived’ on VERY proud that his name is widely used, & perhaps over-used through the centuries! Sadly, not many people are aware of who started this idea of Valentine’s Day, and how it actually started. I believe that the only few people who are overjoyed with this ‘special occasion’ would be the florists, gift shop owners, and restaurants! Who wouldn’t? One of my little dreams is to be a special- occasions florist *lol*

I would love to go around selling flowers at extravagant prices and looking at the in-love faces as they fork out cash for way overpriced stalks of flowers. During ‘normal’ days, a stalk of rose may just cost around RM 1.50, especially if you purchase them from the wet market; a bouquet may cost just RM 30.00! I bought them before for a friend’s graduation, & that lovely bouquet costs just RM 30.00. Besides, those are lilies, mind you. How much does a STALK of flower costs on Vday? A carnation may cost RM 10, a rose, maybe RM15 or more, and lilies…er…no point thinking since it would cost even more! If we want to talk about bouquets, be prepared with at least RM 100 for a miserly-looking bouquet. Unless you want to pick your own flowers from your garden (and we are not living in a tropical country or a country with 4-seasons!), get ready with at least RM 200. Haha…

People may deem me as sarcastic, evil, or even business-minded. Teehee… I am pretty far from that. Well, maybe sarcastic 😉 I don’t see the point of over-spending for a single occasion! It is just that ONE day. I believe that prices of equally delicious & well-presented food, pretty flowers, and eye-catching gifts, would cost way less on the 13th or 15th of February! You may be surprised to find those things that you’ve purchased half the price that you paid for on 14th February! 😀

You can call people of my category sadistic, stingy, or even unromantic. I wouldn’t care- I look on wisdom as of greater importance. I love gifts, food, & flowers no less, but spending the cash right would go a LONG way! 😉

One thing that every romantic man or woman could do is to perhaps set their own ‘Valentine’s Day’ instead of following the majority! Now, that is what I call ‘special’ 😛 No need to pay through the nose, still have a lot of fun (maybe even more since your cash could stretch further), & stay as romantic/loving as everyone else 🙂 Oh, no need to book a place in advance, or pack like sardines with the rest of the country into a famous (or infamous) restaurant! If you need space & privacy to enjoy a nice meal & chat, *sigh* pick another ‘special’ day of your own 😉


– Ruth

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Yee Sang

Chinese New Year is around the corner, & this is one of the few times the Perutbesi members really sweat-out in action! Food, as everyone knows is the one thing that drives the Perutbesi 😉 With Chinese New Year just a stone’s throw away, we can’t miss the good food & the warmth of family gatherings for a stretch of 15 days!

Yee Sang is one dish not to be missed! Some of you may have tried it before. No worries about halal or not, cos the market has grown to accomodate people of all walks of life! There are places offering Yee Sang that is both halal & non-halal. If you think it’s a hassle to go all the way to a Chinese restaurant & pay the hefty sum, the supermarket offers the ‘instant yee sang’ as well!


So, what actually is Yee Sang?

Plainly speaking, it’s a ‘salad’ (yes, yet another type of salad!) served during Chinese New Year, with raw sliced fish/ strips of jelly-fish, and lemon/lime juice added to the fish before serving the dish.

This Yee Sang consists of carrots, tea sweetmelon, pomelo, ginger, peanuts, sesame, crispies, plum sauce, pepper, 5-spice powder, and of course, the fish and lime!

Loh Hei, as it is commonly refered to, means liveliness, prosperity and longevity. This practice is said to herald prosperity for the coming year. Family members and friends will usually gather around the table and use their chpsticks to toss the dish, the higher the better, while shouting out words of ‘prosperity’ or good wishes to each other.

If you have the opportunity to loh hei, do cease the opportunity! It is not only fun, but the significance may come true 😉 Who knows?

Read more:

– Ruth

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Haven’t been back in KL for so long that i have lost count of what i have been craving for while i was in Kuantan. Couldn’t have it all in one day but these are what i had with my sis in 5 hours..

Breakfast @ Allison, Sri Petaling

Ipoh Hor Fun
Ipoh Hor Fun (Shredded chicken hor fun (kuay teow lookalike) soup)

Claypot Lou Shu Fun
Claypot Lou Shu Fun

Both dishes are quite well-known among the patrons of Allison. While the ipoh hor fun is not as good as the real hor fun you’ll get in ipoh, it is nevertheless quite good and filling. My sis gave a thumb up for that hor fun. The claypot lou shu fun was nicely made too. Unlike others, the dish was not covered up by strong taste of thick soy sauce. The fish meat added on top is tender and juicy. Nice!

Lunch @ Shin,Sg Wang

Side dish
Side dish

Mandu Ramyeon (Shin ramyeon with korean dumpling)

Kimchi-tchigae (Kimchi stew served with rice)

Korean Roll
Shin Kimbap (Korean style sushi roll with egg, spinash, carrot, picked radish, lotus root, crab meat and chicken sausage)

Shin is located at RoofTop Sg Wang Plaza. It offers korean street foods. Give it a try if you want to try korean food at a reasonable price 🙂

– Anne

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While taking a stroll in Kuantan town…

I was out in town last Sunday to attend church service. This was a very rare occasion where I took the RC bus out instead of staying back in town since Friday night. I’ve practically no choice since we had to attend the TYIB seminar on Saturday. I got donw at St. Thomas, & made my way on ‘Bus 11’ towards my destination.

Since I had some extra time to ‘walk around town’ before meeting up with my family for breakfast at Choise, I ceased the opportunity & took a stroll along the main roads of Kuantan town. Btw, Choise offers a good, tasty variety of Indian food, from the basic roti canai, to the yummy tosai, vaadai, idli, apom…etc. It’s located at Jalan Bukit Ubi; a corner shop- easy to locate. My family have breakfast there every Sunday, so they are familiar with us d 😉

Choise Kuantan

I was taking the road towards Jalan Teluk Sisek opposite Methodist Primary School, turning towards Jalan Bukit Ubi, I think… or is it Jalan Besar? Whatever road it is, which is adjacent with Jalan Masjid, in town, the wind that started at that time was blowing at my face, beating against the cheeks, gently sweeping my hair to the back. Whoa…it was just EXTREMELY refreshing. Here are the things that gave me a sense of peace & serenity, & some that caught my eyes!

Kuantan town centre at 8.30 am on a Sunday morning. Quiet, serene, filled with tranquility…

serene Kuantan_1

The Padang in front of the State mosque- so empty! And that time with the moderately strong wind blowing, you just feel like running across the filed & feel the wind beating against your chest (like an athelete!).

serene Kuantan_2

Look carefully at the small prints on top of the building; the building has been there since 1929!!! That’s 78 years old!!

serene Kuantan_3

And guess what I saw…


The whole street was adorned with it!! An assortment of banners (including UMP’s!)


This is the biggest that I spotted… fuyoh… publicity!


This is what I meant by BIG! Covers 2 1/2 storeys of the Teruntum building!!


This sort of publicity made me so proud to be a student of Universiti Malaysia Pahang! Aren’t you proud to be a student of this university too??

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Salad again??

Seems like this is the only thing that we are somewhat ‘professional’ in… wait…we still have instant noodles that we could cook! Haha… these aren’t the only things that we know how to prepare, but with the limited resources available at the hostel, we don’t have much choice of recipes, do we?

This batch was specially made for 4 very special friends of mine 😉

This batch has cabbage, carrots, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, egg, sausages, and the big container has onions (since my friend like onions)…

Due to connection problems, I can only upload one photo. I reckon it’s sufficient for this post after all 😉 Cheers!

– Ruth

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What we are good at…

Sometimes I can’t help but feel pityful for those who stereotype us with a particular label. Some people just do not know us long enough to know our ins and outs. *sigh* We don’t blame them, no we don’t. Strangely, sometimes we have the same feeling as they do too. Doubts are just casted on us, and confusion clouds our minds. Once in a while, we do get trapped in such myths & disbelieves that people have on us.

There are certain myths that all our reader have to be enlightened… PEOPLE NEED TO BE SHOWN TO THE TRUTH!

So, our dear readers, here are some ‘myths’ that we find ourselves acquainted with (very sadly) and the truth behind it:

Myth # 1
The PerutBesi members are studious, constantly seen as girls who just stick their heads in the books, bury themselves under a heap of books when others are out playing games, and just plain ‘smart’.

Truth #1
WE DON’T LIKE STUDYING!!! We study & do well because we felt that it’s a responsibility as a student to excel. Our parents are paying for our education, so we have to be responsible and wise children- can’t put their effort & hard-earn money to waste! *no no no* And btw, we are NOT boring people!

Myth # 2
The PerutBesi members are picky eaters & will only eat high-class food, or those that look presentable.

Truth #2
WE EAT ANYTHING EDIBLE!!! Yes, sounds as if we are some ‘walking tong sampah’, right? Truth to the bone, we are pretty much like a walking bin that consumes anything that could be eaten. Probably we’ll have preferences, but when circumstances arise, we’ll just eat anything to fill our tummies! That’s why we are called the ‘Perut Besi’!

Myth # 3
We are proud/ arrogant people i.e. snobs. We walk as if everyone else around us are nobody-s, & can’t be bothered to stop to say a word of ‘hello’…. we hardly exchange a smile.

Truth #3
*sigh* Sad, deluded people, Be awaken by this fact. Please do. We plead you…

We may not be VERY ‘smiley’ people, or perhaps, we may not have a very cheerful & amicable face. But, bear in mind that we are friendly people. Probably a little introvert, resulting to us not mixing that well with others. We could be pretty ‘crazy’ when the time is right, or just be very playful when the time is right again. The reason behind not stopping by to exchange a greeting may be due to the rush that we are always in- getting to class on time, handing up assignments & projects on time, getting back to the room in time to complete some work or get a bathroom to bathe in! I mean, there are at least 20 people rushing for just 4 bathrooms… to put things straight, PerutBesi people observes punctuality, quality, and efficiency.

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