Instant noodles at its best!

1. Ever wondered how satisfying a packet of instant noodle could be?

2. Ever thought that eating instant noodles may be a balanced diet?

3. Have you ever thought how yummy a dinner of instant noodles could be?

Well, here’s to share with you what we had for dinner just now 😉

A really simple dinner- just instant noodles, some veggie (green salad leaves, carrot, & tomatoes), and an egg! Fuh… the looks of it could either kill a person or satisfy the person to the very ends of his/her ‘perut’!


Q’s dinner 😛

Q’s noodles

Ruth’s dinner
Main course:

Ruth’s noodles

Dessert- salad with biscuit crumbs sprinkled on top
(from left: diced tomatoes, shredded salad leaves, thin-stick carrots , mayonaise, biscuit crumbs on top, & honey, drizzled to give a top-of-the-world ‘salad experience’! 😉 )

Salad with biscuit

– Ruth, Anne, Q


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  1. 1

    waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ruth… yummy. cook for me pls… hehe…

  2. 2

    perutbesi said,

    ruth to bloodhunter13: heh… it’s just instant noodles with some veggie! We arranged the veggie to make the dish extra interesting only 😛 Get some veg that can be eaten raw, like salad leaves, carrots, tomatoes, or lettuce & just throw them into the noodles!

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