KUKTEM’s metamorphosis

It’s the 1st of February 2007! Wondering why it’s so special to us?? Today is the day where our university’s name is changed from KUKTEM to UMP.

about UMP

Strange to say, we don’t know whether to feel excited for the change or to feel sad that a metamorphosis has taken place. All our past memories were under the name of KUKTEM. True enough, not many people knew who we were at that time, but it was such a challenge for us to do our best in order that the name of our university is lifted up!

UMP, Pahang

Nevertheless, welcome UMP! It was a long awaited moment. We would not need to answer to the endless questions of ‘where is your university?’, ‘is your university a government uni or a private uni?’, ‘what is KUKTEM?’, etc anymore! We can proudly declare that:

  • it is a local university
  • it is recognised by the Malaysian government
  • it is the top university in the East Coast
  • it speaks with pride of its advancement & research in the engineering & technology field
  • and no doubt, it has students who are equipped to be an all-rounder (technical skills & soft skills)

Pretty neat for a young university, eh? This year itself, UMP celebrates its 5th anniversary 😉 Many exciting events await all UMP-residents. We’re just as excited as everyone else in this uni. When the ‘ruthless eaters’ get excited, there will be NO way to stop us! 😀

– Ruth & Anne


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    UMP_ian~ said,

    superbly great!!!
    hell yeah~~!!


    but i still prefer the KUKTEM theme song~ its kinda energetic and cool ^_^

  2. 2

    ann said,

    yeah.. the new song is kinda bored.too slow..

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