Tea Time at UMP

Malaysians have an interesting culture consisting of 3 main races: Malays, Chinese, & Indians. Each race, as a matter of fact, have their own culture, some that amazes & amuses people from all over the world!

The management of UMP is run by Malays, & here, at UMP, tea time is one of the most yummilicious times one will find. 😛 All sorts of ‘kuih’ (types of finger food) can be found at the cafeteria, from donuts, popiah (spring roll), ubi keledek goreng (fried sweet potato), keladi goreng (fried yam pieces), & pisang goreng (fried banana fritters), to kuih kacang merah (fried red bean buns), hotdog buns, fried banana balls & the East Coast speciality, keropok lekor (thickly-sliced fish cracker)!

You’ll have to be early to get the best kuih 😉 Starting from 3.30 pm, & lasting for an hour or so, the UMP’s cafeteria will be filled with the fragrance of freshly fried finger food!

The assortment are priced within the range of:

  • RM 1 for 3 pieces
  • RM 1 for 4 pieces, and
  • RM 1 for 5 pieces, depending on the type of kuih (& of course, the sizes as well!)


Yam & Donuts

Popiah & Pisang Goreng

Hotdog buns

Keropok Lekor & Red Bean Buns

Banana Balls

So, how do you like the look of the tea assortments? Yummy, eh? Stall #2 & stall #8 offers the best variety. Get your kuih-licious finger food when it’s freshly served!

– Ruth & Anne


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    freaxosan said,

    wahh..xtau pula ade jual2 mcm2 kuih2 yg best kt kafe tu….sebab jarang turun tea time hehe
    hotdog bun looked yum yum..Ruth bler mau belanja ?hehe 🙂

    ps:Izham kate die suke blog ni.

  2. 2

    next time jom usha pasar malam:

    wednesday: caltex mahkota area (near shell)
    thursday: gambang cross junction
    saturday: kuantan

    jaya gading: dunno when lah. huhu~

  3. 3

    perutbesi said,

    Ruth to freaxosan: Haha… aku pun jarang turun tuk tea time.. tapi semalam on the way balik dari klas ke bilik, jadi stop by aje la 😉 Lagipun aku syiok sgt nak ambik gambar tuk blog ni 😛

  4. 4

    perutbesi said,

    ruth to bloodhunter: klu nak buka gerai tuk pasar mlm lecehlah… lagipun skarg kite dah final yr.. 🙂

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