Haven’t been back in KL for so long that i have lost count of what i have been craving for while i was in Kuantan. Couldn’t have it all in one day but these are what i had with my sis in 5 hours..

Breakfast @ Allison, Sri Petaling

Ipoh Hor Fun
Ipoh Hor Fun (Shredded chicken hor fun (kuay teow lookalike) soup)

Claypot Lou Shu Fun
Claypot Lou Shu Fun

Both dishes are quite well-known among the patrons of Allison. While the ipoh hor fun is not as good as the real hor fun you’ll get in ipoh, it is nevertheless quite good and filling. My sis gave a thumb up for that hor fun. The claypot lou shu fun was nicely made too. Unlike others, the dish was not covered up by strong taste of thick soy sauce. The fish meat added on top is tender and juicy. Nice!

Lunch @ Shin,Sg Wang

Side dish
Side dish

Mandu Ramyeon (Shin ramyeon with korean dumpling)

Kimchi-tchigae (Kimchi stew served with rice)

Korean Roll
Shin Kimbap (Korean style sushi roll with egg, spinash, carrot, picked radish, lotus root, crab meat and chicken sausage)

Shin is located at RoofTop Sg Wang Plaza. It offers korean street foods. Give it a try if you want to try korean food at a reasonable price šŸ™‚

– Anne


6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    xalimx said,

    halal tak untuk di makan oleh kami??
    macam menarik untuk dijamah…

  2. 2

    baam said,

    look ssssoooo tasty..
    wondering if i could EAT it….

  3. 3

    perutbesi said,

    perutbesi to xalimx and baam: Sori guys..i guess those are non-halal. Dun wori…nasi lemak sri petaling coming up next! šŸ™‚ Stay tuned!

  4. 4

    xalimx said,

    i’m waiting….

  5. 5

    buTTerFLowEr said,

    ala… was thinking of the same question (-_-) disappointed

  6. 6

    baam said,

    Maeu masitsseoyo.

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