Biscuit Party

We had a small biscuit party just now last night in our room. 🙂 It was around 11.30pm when everyone started to cry out in hunger. One of our visiting friend wanted to try the biscuits we brought from home and that marks the start of our biscuit party. Everyone stopped doing their works and started to indulge in those lovely leftover of homemade chinese new year cookies.

Though the variety of the biscuits is not as much as compared to those we had back home, is the chats and laughs that matter. It is fun to see everyone gets away from all the workloads and stress..and starts to least for a while 🙂


Must have during CNY:

1. Honey Bee Hive

Honey Bee Hive

2. Pineapple Roll

Pineapple Roll

Children’s favourite:

1. Cornflakes cookies with walnut and almond

Cornflakes Biscuit

2. Fortune Cookies:

Inside each biscuit will contains a small paper describing your fortune. (e.g. Your life will be happy and peaceful)

Fortune Cookies

This is what we got…

Fortune Cookies 2

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