When me and my friends decided to have lunch at One Utama, Bandar Utama on one fine day, we ended up spending on a not-so-filling lunch, an expensive dessert and delicious tea time snack.

1. Lunch @ Bar B Q Plaza (Non-Halal)

We ordered a family deluxe set for 6 of us (RM40+). The set comes with fresh vege, mushrooms, fishballs, prawns, squids, pumpkin, bacon, beef slices etc. The set also comes together with a super ‘smelly’ garlic fried rice. Nice but make sure you rinse your mouth properly after you eat that 🙂
– The family deluxe set

BBQ Plaza

– A mongolian and korean DIY table top cooking meal

BBQ Plaza 3

2. Dessert @ Bakerzin

This place is superb. The environment is great but the service we received that day were just so-so. It costs us around RM50+ for 2 types of cake, 2 types of ice cream (each ice-cream comes together with a free tea) and 1 bottle of spritzer.

-Coupe cheesecake (cream cheese ice cream topped with strawberry coulis and crumble)


-Profiteroles (homemade vanilla ice cream fills the centre of choux puff, topped with chocolate sauce and almond flakes)




Bakerzin is located at Ground Floor, Highstreet Zone (New Wing).

More on Bakerzin here

3. Tea Time Snack @ Shihlin

Shihlin offers popular Taiwanese street snacks from the alleys of Taiwan’s night market, such as handmade oyster mee sua, seafood tempura, XXL crispy chicken and crispy floss egg crepe. Shihlin claims that the food sold are prepared the way they do over in Taiwan. And they do require customers to eat the food they way it is eaten in Taiwan. For example, we need to use spoon to eat the oyster mee sua instead of chopstick so that it will taste better. Each item in the menu costs around RM5+.

-Handmade oyster mee sua

Osyter mee sua

-Seafood tempura

Seafood tempura

-XXL Chicken

XXL Chic

Shihlin is located at Ground Floor, Highstreet Zone (Old Wing). More on Shihlin here


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  1. 1

    baam said,

    good afternoon!!!..
    ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora
    so hungry, i could even eat a horse!!

  2. 2

    perutbesi said,

    perutbesi to baam: haha..don’t eat the innocent horse! btw..wat is ora?

  3. 3

    baam said,

    ora ora ora ora ora… is how star platina
    sound when he is punching something… it resembles his attack power… and how fast his punch would get.. imagine how many ora ora ora ora ora ora in 5 sec?.. well that is the speed of his punching… hahahahahaha
    but in this case,
    the punching wasnt from my punching…
    but from my stomach… ora ora ora ora.. in hunger… huhuhuuh

  4. 4

    baam said,

    star platina is one of the characters from a comic “PENJELAJAH JOJO”

  5. 5

    anonymous said,

    Is shihlin Halal?

  6. 6

    anonymous said,

    is shihlin halal? Please reply this. I need to know

  7. 7

    perutbesi said,

    Perutbesi to anonymous: Hi there. Thanks for dropping by our site. We don’t know if it’s halal or not. You can check out their website or just give the restaurant a call to find out. It may be halal since it’s located at a shopping mall. 🙂

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