Only in Kuantan…

There are certain home-cooked dishes that we could get only in Kuantan. I know that I won’t be able to get it anywhere else but here.

Last week, I had a thanksgiving cum farewell dinner at my Kuantan home. It felt like a Christmas dinner! Here’re some pictures of the food we had to whet your appetite!

This is the spagetti (sprinkled with some herbs)


   and it comes with the red Italian sauce (tomato puree, minced chicken, diced capsicum, fresh tomatoes, sliced button mushrooms, & italian herbs)!

spagetti sauce

We had grilled lamb too… marinated with rosemary, thyme, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, and loads of patience to give it a kick of taste!

grilled lamb

Below are the chicken pies 🙂 Under the layer of pie crust is a variety of ‘jewels’! There are chicken chunks, sausages, potatoes, baby carrots, mixed vegetables, sliced button mushrooms, & I’ve no idea what else…bottom line- it taste REALLY good 😉

chicken pie

This is the baked potato slices. It may not look as interesting as the rest of the dishes, but it certainly tastes equally good 😉 It’s just sliced potatoes and whipped cream plus ‘I dunno what else’ and places to bake to perfection! Yummy!

baked potatoes

At one glance, this salad is reconisable, eh? Yes, this is done by yours truly 😛 It’s just sliced green australian ‘yau mak’, diced capsicum, sliced purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, and Thousand Island to dress the salad up!


Here’s the dessert: Bread Pudding! It tastes very much like the usual bread, except a little more moist, and topped with sugar & raisins to add an esquisite flavour to the pudding. It’s not exactly a cold dish, but it does go VERY well wif vanilla ice-cream!

bread pudding

 I hope the array of food gave you the desire to explore further into the world of FOOD! Bon apetit!

 – Ruth


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