Bayleaf Steak House

Here’s introducing an interesting eatery, Bayleaf Steak House! (Im not sure if that’s the actual name, but it’s called Bayleaf) Located at Kuantan Garden, it settles at a pretty much serene residential area, one of the most densedly populated residential areas in Kuantan.

I dont have the exact address, but if you know where Vistana Kuantan is, it’ll be pretty easy to find this restaurant 🙂

 Brief direction:

  1. Vistana Hotel on your left, take the first left turning into a residential area after the hotel.
  2. You will see a Medan Selera (Foodcourt) on your left; go all the way straight until you come to a crossroad (t-junction)
  3. Take a right turn and turn left at the first left junction. You will see a row of shophouses on your left & on your right.
  4. Take a right turn into lane of the shophouses. The restaurant will be on your left 🙂

Bayleaf serves good local & western cuisines, ranging from the simple ‘nasi lemak’ (coconut rice served with fried anchovies, cucumber, boiled/fried egg, peanuts, and sambal) to the sophisticated Chicken Fajitas. It offers a good variety of Malay, Chinese, Italian, French, and English food at what I feel a reasonable price. For the price that you pay for, you’ll get a good portion of yummy food, and a pretty ‘romantic’ ambience in the restaurant.

This place is suitable for family dinners, celebration dinners, and even a simple long-table party with friends! The place is usually packed & it’s best to book a place before going there for dinner. This restaurant has a ‘brother’ near the Maxis centre at Jalan Beserah called Eastgrill. It is believed that Eastgrill is often more crowded than Bayleaf, but the food is on par 🙂

These are the food that my family & I had that night (28 April 2007). There wasn’t any special occasion, but since it was my last few nights in Kuantan with them, they took me for some good food 🙂

– Cutlery at Bayleaf. Somehow I can’t resist the temptation to capture sights like this!

bayleaf cutlery

– Bayleaf’s Special (a concoction of fresh mango juice, with mango slices & nata-de-coco)

bayleaf’s special 

– Thai mango salad (pretty nice appetizer 😛 )

bayleaf appetizer menu

bayleaf thai mango salad

– My main course: Chicken Fajitas

bayleaf main menu

The Chicken Fajitas comes in a set of sizzling chicken & steaming hot tortillas! Absolutely yummy!! 😛

bayleaf chicken fajitas

bayleaf chicken fajitas totillas

– My sister’s dinner: Chicken Caeser Salad (garden green salad served with chicken bits)

bayleaf chicken caeser salad

– Her husband’s dinner: Fisherman’s Choice (a mixture of seafood, served with crinkled cut french fries)

bayleaf’s fisherman’s choice

– My ‘god-ma’s’ dinner: Chicken chop

bayleaf chicken chop

– These are what the kids had: Salmon Terriyaki & Forest Mushroom Soup

bayleaf salmon terriyaki

bayleaf forest mushroom soup

Overall, the family paid around RM120 or less for a 5-pax meal at a really good ambience restaurant 🙂 Oh, this place is halal, so for those who are on a look out for good halal western/local food, I recommend this place!

Bon apetit!

– Ruth & Anne


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  1. 1

    xalimx said,

    so lapar malam ni… makan maggi je laaa

  2. 2

    shila said,

    the food looks interesting enough. but, the chicken chop looks dry. was it served without gravy?
    there’s another place that u can go and give a try in kuantan. the place is called SHERWOOD. it is located near Pantai Selamat Supermarket. it has a brother too called CHERATING STEAK HOUSE. both places are cosy and the price is affordable.

  3. 3

    Agnes said,

    This is my 3rd time eating at Bayleaf Steak House Kuantan. We had a fabulous meal with perfect service. All I can say is YUM! The steaks are cooked to perfection & this meal is what you expect from a steak house.
    Must try their Baked Salmon in Spinach Cream Sauce, a lightly baked slab of salmon on a interesting creamy sauce, it’s cost about only $18+ Malaysia ringgit
    My tenage son like their Chicken Chop in Cheese Sauce very much, a very nicely marinated chicken in a cheesy sauce,the portion was just nice forhimand tasty.
    This place serve great soup and I enjoyed the mushroom soup that I ordered greatly. It was very creamy, which was the way I liked it.
    Must try this restaurant !
    Located at
    B 25, ground floor,
    lorong seri kuantan 25,
    25300 kuantan,
    pahang darul makmur.

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