Day 5 in Korea

We had rounds 6, 7, & 8 this day. It was quite tiring, but the day ended with another social event. The main social event for this day was the Break Night Party at a nearby pub. I didn’t stay long in that place as it ws smokey & everyone was drinking. There are photos of the party, but I’m not gonna upload it here as it’s quite dark.

– Breakfast

We had rice, beancurd sheets with chilli, lychees, garden salad, ham slices, & sauteed potatoes plus a soup.

breakfast day 5 korea

soup breakfast day 5 korea

– Halal breakfast

halal breakfast day 5 korea

We took some photos with our opponents during 2 rounds of the debates as well. Here’s to share with all our readers!

– With team KIDS4 from Chung Ang University Korea

debaters from korea day 5

– With team BUFS3 from Beijing University of Foreign Studies

debaters from beijing day 5

These are the 2 teams that we defeated. We had 8 rounds all-together, but we won only 4 out of 8 rounds *sigh*

– Ruth


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