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The outLOUD Ladies Conference

I just attended the outLoud Ladies Conference yesterday (that’s why I wasn’t in the office!). Details of the event are as below:


Day/Date: Monday, 30 July 2007
Venue: Istana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8.15 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Organizers: The Star Newspaper (Clove Two)
Theme: Reinventing Yourself


The conference mainly speaks of techniques & skills to develop an individual (or a lady) to speak up with confidence, walk tall, & look good as well. Throughout the conference, there were 5 sessions by 5 famous & very capable/successful women and 1 open discussion/forum. The crowd mainly consists of women on the average age of 35 years old. The majority consists of women ranging from 30 yrs old – 50 years old. Yeah, I believe that I’m the youngest there if not for my sister, whom I brought along. 😯

Before the conference started. Not all the ladies are there yet! Traffic jam wor…

Ok, many may wonder “why on earth Ruth was at a Ladies Conference??”. I participated in an online contest by CloveTwo, The Star online newspaper. At that time, I didn’t bother about the prizes that I would get should I win. All I wanted to do was to just participate in any contest that I could & win something! Mana tau, I actually won 2 passes to this conference! Each pass costs RM400!! No joke! I can’t give away my passes, so I decided to just go & check out what that conference is, as well as ‘cover’ the event for the Ruthless Eaters site! Heehee πŸ˜€

The itinerary of the conference

Getting there was actually quite a hassle, really. It was raining heavily & my sister & I had to take the Putra LRT & the KL Monorail to the hotel. We had to walk some distance too!! Bummer. All I had was a SMALL pink umbrella! My sister & I had to share the ‘mini shade’ & we had to endure the wind, rain, & water splashes as the cars zoomed pass us inconsiderately! ARGH!!! KL!

Anyways, frustration aside, I managed to capture some photos of the event. I actually wanted to take some photos of the food served, but super ‘pai se’ lor! The women will stare at me, and I’m sure some ‘aunties’ will think that I’m some ‘kampung’ girl who haven’t seen hotel food before if I were to snap photos *sigh* I realized that it takes A LOT of courage to be a ‘food photographer’. Bleagh.

Oh yeah, each participant were given 2 goodie bags each! Among the many freebies were Crabtree & Evelyn products, Her World magazine, vouchers to Slimming Sanctuary& 6 packets of soya milk from Yeo’s!! The bags were SO heavy, that carrying them from KL back to Sunway was a real pain…

Lunch spread

The salads & cold dishes

I didn’t manage to capture the main course dishes and the dessert dishes too! *sigh* I felt too shy to do so…but the variety was pretty good. Just that the taste is not excellent, and the utensils are something to comment on.

Afternoon tea break: pastries of all sorts!

That’s all I have on the outLOUD Ladies Conference. I heard from Anne that we’ve a greater assignment upcoming- the Malaysian Food Fair! Hahaha πŸ˜† We’ll see if we could cover that event for all our faithful readers πŸ˜‰

For more info on the outLOUD Ladies Conference that was held yesterday AND today (the workshop that costs RM800/person!), go to:

Stay tuned!

– Ruth

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Cheap & Delicious Western Food!

Alright! It’s time to introduce some Western food after all the Chinese food that we’ve blogged on πŸ˜›

This place is the one place that I know offers reasonably priced and GOOD Western food. It’s located at the same area as the Tea Time Restaurant/Coffee Shop, SS26, & is actually directly opposite Tea Time Restaurant! It’s a corner coffee shop called “Restoran Mayang Jaya” (if I remember correctly) This coffee shop offers a good variety of chinese food too: penang fried kuey teow, fish ball noodles, pork noodles, chicken rice, Assam laksa, curry laksa, wan tan mee, mixed economy rice, Seremban siew pau, ‘chan pau’, fruits…etc.

The Western food stall opens from morning to mid noon. It serves a variety of chops & steaks, ranging from chicken to fish, beef, lamb, & even pork. The price is VERY reasonable for the portion that you get, and if you’re a frequent patron there, that uncle may just give u an extra sausage or a bigger portion of the meat!

I usually have the Chicken Maryland or the Fish & Chips. The prices of food that I usually have are as below:

  • Chicken Chop: RM7
  • Chicken Maryland: RM8
  • Fish & Chips: RM7
  • Breakfast set: RM5

I find the prices very reasonable for the portion served πŸ˜› Here are some pics to whet your taste buds!

The menu of Western Food served

The 2 dishes that I usually order, Chicken Maryland, & Fish & Chips

Breakfast set for RM5

  • 1 piece of ham
  • 1 piece of bacon
  • 1 ‘Bull’s Eye’ fried egg
  • 1 sausage (he gave me an extra!)
  • 1 buttered bun
  • shoe-string fries
  • baked beans
  • sliced tomato& cucumbers as dressing πŸ˜›

Chicken Maryland (served with black pepper sauce) for RM8

  • 1 piece of fried breaded chicken (it’s the drumstick part!)
  • 1 ‘Bull’s Eye’ fried egg
  • 2 sausages
  • 1 buttered bun
  • shoe-string fries
  • baked beans
  • mayonnaise/tartar sauce
  • sliced tomato& cucumbers as dressing πŸ˜›

This is the only place that I find worth eating. Really. If you’re around that area, do drop by to try it out. If you come across any Western food that is of greater value & of better taste, do drop us a note & we’d love to check it out for ourselves!

Here’s a simple map to help u get to the coffee shop. If you know the SS26 area well, you’ll be able to locate it easily. It’s near William’s mamak, the old Lim Kok Wing building, and the Taman Megah primary school.


– Ruth

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‘Unblogged’ Past Happenings

We’re back! Or at least, I’m back! Haha… πŸ˜† The weekend passed TOO fast, & so did yesterday!!

Not touching the keyboard for a few days makes my fingers itch. Even though I was dead tired from the conference yesterday (will blog about it later), I just had to turn on my laptop & get all the photos done up πŸ˜› This is what happens when one works with the computer too often- one falls into an addiction!

I realized that there are at least 3 events/food stories that I didn’t blog on! Oh, what a shame 😳 There’s an inter-faith event that I attended in early July, and 2 dinners to feature 😐 I better write about it before I forget!!

Interfaith Dinner

There’s this interfaith fund-raising dinner that I attended early this month. I was there under the name of the Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC), the organization for English-speaking Methodist churches in Malaysia. My friend who works at the TRAC office had 10 tickets to the dinner & didn’t know who to grab along. So, I was one of the fortunate ones πŸ™‚ When it comes to food, everything goes! πŸ˜†

Date: 5th July 2007
Venue: High Convention Centre, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.
Event: 24th Anniversary Celebration of the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, & Taoism.


During this dinner, we actually had around 25-30 tables of people (10 per table) from different faiths. We were served vegetarian food, & there were performances by various groups to keep the crowd well entertained. The food was alright (not excellent), but the service was kinda poor. I didn’t take any photos of the food cos we’re just too hungry by the time dinner started & the food didn’t look that great anyways πŸ˜€

At the end of the dinner, was a lucky draw πŸ˜‰ TRAC won a hamper by Nestle…heehee…it was kinda exciting cos we had a ‘free’ dinner (since we didn’t pay for it ourselves, but TRAC paid) & we got a hamper, which we shared out among ourselves and there were some for TRAC office as well! Oh, how exciting…heh πŸ˜€

‘Nuf said about the event. Now on to some food pics- home cooked food!

Some Home-Cooked Food

My mum went ‘simple’ last Monday & decided that we have ‘salad’ for dinner! My dad was like, “Har? That’s all we’re eating ar??” For a man to have vege only for dinner, it spells ‘Torture’ πŸ˜€ But I can tell u that it’s a GOOD dinner!

I miss the days where Anne & I have salads with our room mates. Looking back, it’s been half a year since we had our mad salad craze in uni! Haha…I remember the effort we put in to decorate our salads and to make it look SO appetizing, before devouring them in a jiffy! Such are memories to cherish forever 😐

I finally realized where I got my ‘salad decorating’ skills from- my mum! LOL. That night, we had garden salad, potato salad, & believe it or not, steamed LARGE prawns in cooking wine!! Yums!! the prawns are HUGE, I tell u. It’s at least 25 cm when stretched out!!!

Salad dinner & steamed giant prawns

Giant prawns (doesn’t look that gigantic here eh? Bah.)

The wine was SO ‘keng’ & the ginger was SO waluwey hot that I had a fever the next day after drinking some of the heaty ‘chap’ from the prawns!! *faints* lol*

One more pic:

My family celebrated my grandpa’s 92nd birthday on last Sunday. We had a lot of food as usual!


Considering the load of food that I’m putting into my stomach, one will believe that Miss Wong here is putting on a lot of weight!! ‘Cham la’…

– Ruth

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Three Days Break

I’ll be taking a short break ’til Monday, & will get back to ‘work’ on Tuesday. Anne’s busy as well with the deadline of her project drawing nearer…so our dear readers, just hang in there & stay tuned. We’ll be back with more exciting stuff to share!

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‘Heart warmers’

It’s always delightful to have a good bunch of friends that take the effort to keep each other updated through the email. It’s even more wonderful when they talk about food!! Hahaha… πŸ˜€

Here’s an excerpt (slightly altered) of the email that was sent by one of my uni-friends gang πŸ˜‰

Hi pretty girls!

how’re things thruout this week? i had quite an ok week.. hrm.. although nth much to do.. at least i did some work.. and yesterday we had a lunch fiesta @ pantai seafood restaurant.. hrm.. had lots of good food, since one our colleague is returning to India.

lemme bring the hunger out of you guys.. yest’s menu:

1) Salad Prawn (SUper yummy! crunchy on the outside, soft at the inside)

2) Steam Prawn with Eggs

3) Tofu with Abalone and broccolli ( abalone macam rubber saja, but the gravy was… ada omph!)

4) Assam Fish ( some big fish duno what fish )

5) Thai Chicken

6) Steamed kampung chicken ( very simple dish, but very good in taste, super smooth chicken, served in a rattan duno what you call ( those like dimsum’s))

7) Soft Shell Crab (not much of a taste anyway.. macam tepung saja.. mayb i duno how to ‘yan seong’ good food kua)

8) Yin Yong Kai Lan, Leaves are fried and the batang are steamed

9) La La Seong Tong

10) 3 types of Dessert
(a) Dumpling in Soya Bean,
(b) Sea Coconut and Longan
(c) Mixed Fruits

hm… yUm yUm… didnt take picture.. cuz my director is there.. sked she say i siao ad.. hehe

We had a fun night too! Went karaoke with my colleagues in Puchong Galaxy.. kinda fun.. and i think the price was OK.

RM 32/person. Ladies got special discount. Buffet Dinner, covers quite good food. They have sushi too. Vegetarian, deer, beef, chick, yummy fish.. lots of dessert and soup.. chinese soup and mushroom soup…

so… yest i had a tummy full day and had so much fun.. that i am having SORE THROAT now! argh!

After reading that email, I thought, “Hmm…perhaps Anne & I should pop by Pantai Seafood Restaurant (have to first find out where the place is!) & probably Puchong Galaxy as well!” But firstly, I’ve to drag Anne out of her workplace & unleash her from the busy schedule that she gets herself into! Nyehehe…time to sit down & plan my naughty ‘Free Anne Campaign’! The weekend will be best for such ‘interesting’ planning….kekeke.. πŸ˜›

– Ruth

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Good home-cooked food out-of-home

Here’s another place that offers good home cooked food out-of-home. Hehe πŸ˜› The variety of food served is really like those that u find at home πŸ™‚

Apparently, the ‘tauke’ of this business is a Fu Chow, & his eatery offers food that brings a ‘homey’ feeling to all his patrons. The shop is situated opposite the Paramount Garden’s Giant Supermarket, & is on the same row as a ‘tyre shop’…it’s quite easy to locate πŸ˜›

The coffee shop serves non-halal food, Chinese-style cooking to be specific, ranging from the common food u find in a Chinese home like stir-fried vegetables, steam pork with salted fish, stir fried sliced potatoes with pork slices, to more ‘glamorous’ food like steamed siakap.

The most famous there is the stir-fried potato slices with pork slices. I was there with my family of 5, including my aunt, & we had a simple dinner of 5 dishes, rice, & drinks, coming up to a total of RM53.00. My aunt said it’s reasonable, considering the fact that we ate deep fried ‘ma yau’ fish. The serving isn’t big, but good enough to make one too full to move at the end of the dinner πŸ˜›

Stir Fried Potato with Pork Slices

Japanese Taufu Cantonese Style

Steam pork with Salted Fish

Deep Fried ‘Ma Yau’ Fish (very crispy that even the bones can be eaten!)

Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves with Preserved Beancurd (‘Fan Shu Miu chow Fu Yue’)

I’ve included a map for this place as well (hope it’s understandable). I can’t recall the name of the coffee-shop, but it’s a Fu-Chow cooking coffee-shop, which opens only at night, around 5.30p.m.-11p.m.


Bummer. It’s just SO difficult to resize this map to perfection. Argh! I’ve been trying at least TEN times!! Anyways, I’ve indicated in the Legend which colored arrow represents which way you could come from to get to the coffee shop. Since it’s not clear, I’ll just write it out here:

Yellow: Coming from LDP Highway/Kelana Jaya LRT/Taman Megah/SS2 from LDP Highway

Turquoise: Coming from SS2/24 (main road) towards SEA Park. Passes Eng Seng Heng, Esso Petrol Station

Purple: Coming from ‘Rothmans’ roundabout (Sin Chew Jit Poh, Lisa De Inn, British American Tobacco)

– Ruth

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Best fried oysters in PJ

Very sorry for not writing for a while. The both of us have been pretty busy. Anne’s busy with a project at her workplace, & is cracking her head on C# & ASP stuff, while I’ve been cracking my head on VBA in Excel for automation using macros, & was on MC yesterday for high fever. Feeling better now… wergh.

Anyways, here’s more on some recommended food/food places:

Last week, I had some really good ‘hoe-chien’ (Hokkien for fried oysters). I can dare say that this place offers the best fried oysters ever! It’s located at a coffee shop called Tea Time Restaurant, Taman Mayang Jaya, Petaling Jaya. Situated right behind the old building of Lim Kok Wing College, this humble coffee shop offers a variety of food, from the tai chow (Chinese stir fried food: rice, veg, meat, etc), to noodles like prawn mee, pan mee (tom yam pan mee too!), Sarawak kolok mee, to the Bah Kut Teh.

The rest of the variety is so-so, but this Fried Oyster is one to enjoy! The oysters are huge, & the serving is proportioned to the price paid; a small plate (which serves 2-3 persons) costs RM8. I find it quite reasonable, considering the size of the oyster πŸ˜› The big plate costs around RM10-12, i think.


You’ll find this common-looking coffee shop at the corner, with a yellow signboard and red wordings. It’s quite easy to locate if you know where Taman Mayang Jaya is in the first place πŸ™‚ Do try it out πŸ˜‰

Tea Time Restaurant
Jalan SS26/9a (not too sure)
47410 Taman Mayang Jaya
Petaling Jaya.

Landmarks: Old Lim Kok Wing College, SK Taman Megah, SRJK (C) Yuk Chai, William’s mamak, Relax Station

I’ve included a self-drawn map. It’s not the best, but I reckon it does help πŸ˜› FOr further enquiries, don’t hesitate to drop by & ask us!


– Ruth & Anne

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3BCS Reunion Anyone?

Syntax madness:

if (you are from 3BCS 2006/07, LI in KL)
{Perutbesi invites u for a reunion at Hartz Chicken Buffet, Times Square, KL}

while (you are interested in the reunion)
{drop Perutbesi a comment, stating interest & suggested date, or email Ruth before 11 August 2007}

elsif (you are from 3BCS 2006/07, LI NOT in KL)
{the invitation to the reunion is also opened to u! }

while (you are interested in the reunion)
{drop Perutbesi a comment, stating interest & suggested date, or email Ruth before 11 August 2007}

elsif (you are from 3BCS 2006/07, BUT not doin LI yet)
{the invitation to the reunion is also opened to u! }

while (you are interested in the reunion)
{drop Perutbesi a comment, stating interest & suggested date, or email Ruth before 11 August 2007}

elsif (you are NOT from 3BCS 2006/07, BUT want to join us for makan)
{drop Perutbesi a comment or email Ruth before 11 August 2007}

{ignore this post}

end if

Old English Madness:

“Hear ye, hear ye! If thou art a 3BCSian, & undergoing thy industrial training (LI)Β  in Kuala Lumpur or not doin LI yet…, Perutbesi seek thee for a reunion (after 2 months of not meeting up with each other!)!! Give us thy suggestions on dates that thou art free to meet up with those in KL!! For those who aren’t having LI in KL, the invitation is for thee too! Just let us, Perutbesi, know, & we’ll plan something out!!”

Tentative place: Hartz Chicken Buffet, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur
Tentative date: 18 August 2007, Saturday

p/s: Drop a comment to notify us if u could make it & state your suggestion of date, or email Ruth before 11 August 2007.

Bahasa Pasar Madness:

Perhatian kpd semua dak2 3BCS 2006/07! Perutbesi ingin m’buat satu ‘reunion’ tuk semua di KL. Kpd kwn2 yg sdang menjalani LI kat KL ataupun kat mane2 saje di Msia DAN yg tak LI lagi pun, kwn2 semua dijemput tuk MAKAN beramai-ramai!! (ok, I know my BM is really bad to tears)

Tempat tentatif: Hartz Chicken Buffet, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur
Tarikh tentatif: 18 Ogos 2007, Sabtu

Jika berminat, sila komen kat blog Perutbesi, dengan cadangan tarikh skali, ataupun email Ruth sebelum 11 Ogos 2007.

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Every cloud has a silver lining

The Perutbesi duo didn’t manage to visit the MIFB fair!! 😦 Yeah, we’re pretty disappointed ourselves, but it’s due to an unforeseen circumstance. Our apologies to all our faithful readers for not being able to cover this event. One of our friends who were suppose to go with us (who has the car…) had to work on Saturday morning. She’s on-call since her project is about to go ‘live’ soon.

Anyways, as a ‘compensation’, Anne & I still had a good time with our 2 friends, Joey & Coey (no, they aren’t related by blood…it just so happens that their names sound alike πŸ˜› ) in the afternoon all through late night. Hehe… the girls decided to go shopping since it’s the Malaysian Mega Sale, & we went to 1Utama. (surprise, surprise, I’m not exactly a shopping person- more of a meet-up-with-friends person) Before we left for 1U, we had a simple, but nice lunch near Joey’s place…

The restaurant is called Relax Cafe. Haha…the ambience is pretty relaxing, I dare say. It’s a Chinese cafe that serves noodles & rice. The price is pretty reasonable, & you can get a decent meal of rice/noodles + a drink for less than RM6.00. The serving is medium-sized, but it’s enough to fill a person- even a Perutbesi! Kekeke…

Here’s what we had:

Taiwan chicken noodles – RM4.80/bowl*
Ice Chinese tea (Jasmine tea- very fragrant) – RM0.80/glass


Prawn dumpling noodles – RM4.80/bowl* (if we remember correctly)

Salted chicken (with Chinese herbs) and rice –RM6.80/set

Otak-otak – RM3.80/set

* served with Shanghai noodles (the other noodle is called the Emperor noodles- fine noodles like those wan tan mee type)

** fruit juice there costs around RM2.50/glass

We spent more than an hour eating & chatting in the cosy cafe before heading to 1U for more fun πŸ™‚ At 1U, just to find a parking space took us nearly an hour! Yes, AN HOUR!. Wergh. But the 1 hour was utilized wisely, of course. Considering the fact that the 4 of us meet only once a month or the most twice a month, being stuck in the car wasn’t too bad an idea πŸ˜‰

We were at 1U for about 3 hours before heading back to my house for dinner! Yeah, my parents invited my 3 friends over for dinner, & we had home-cooked food that night. It’s a bonus since they haven’t been to my place before & it’s been quite some time since Joey had home-cooked food (being away from home to work in PJ).

All in all, we had a fabulous time, & we parted for home with joy in our tummies & in our hearts as well πŸ˜‰

Introducing the spread for Saturday night’s dinner!

All for the photo!! Coey (Yo), Joey, Anne, & Ruth

‘ABC’ Soup

Steamed Red Talapia

Lighted Sauteed Prawns (just lightly fried prawns with a little salt)

Mince Pork with Dark Soy Sauce & Chopped Preserved Veg (choy pou in Cantonese)
This may not look very pleasing, but it’s the tastiest among all the dishes! It’s cooked by my aunt πŸ˜‰

The 4 of us friends look forward for more of such times together πŸ™‚ Friendship is indeed God’s special gift. No one can explain how it starts, or how it will blossom πŸ˜‰ Only time can tell πŸ™‚

– Ruth

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‘Love-to-Eat’ disorder

All we know is ‘food’ & ‘eat’. I’ve a very bad feeling that the both of us, or at least myself, have a disorder called, “Love-to-Eat”. *sigh* We’re putting on weight, & I am putting on weight like nobody’s business! *shrugs* Probably it’s time to eat less, but eat more glorious food! Teeheehee…

I was talking to Anne just now on the msn (since we rarely meet now 😦 ), & I realized that all we talk about it food, travel, &… food & travel! Bah. As if it doesn’t require cash. Perhaps the 2 things that motivate us to work is food & travel! With enough $$, we’ll be able to not only get some property, but also have more opportunities to travel & eat! *yums*

We’re thinking of going for a food hunt one weekend…heehee…maybe we’ll not eat in such big portions, but we’ll still eat, travel, & love these 2 things in life πŸ˜‰

Anyone out there who would like to join us in our little adventure (for food) around KL?

– Ruth & Anne

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