“Think Food, Think Perutbesi”

Yes, think food, think Perutbesi. I reckon this should be our little slogan! Haha..what do u all out there think? We’re looking for ideas to make this site more interesting & exciting despite our busy work schedules. If any of our readers have any ideas, whether it is topics to write about or events to cover, do drop us a comment or two & let us know! 😛

– Ruth


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  1. 1

    9 @ @ |\| said,

    not too cachy ar..
    how bout..

    “It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s perutbesi” OR
    “perutbesi always and forever.” OR
    “perutbesi keeps them coming back” OR
    “Hey, have you tried perutbesi?.” OR
    “perutbesi won’t hurt that bad.” OR
    “perutbesi the clear choice.” OR
    “My perutbesi is better than your perutbesi.” OR
    “perutbesi like business, is better with multiple partners.” OR
    “perutbesi, couldn’t be better!” OR
    “perutbesi get’s you where you’re going.” OR
    “This is the best perutbesi you can get” OR

    i think too much for the slogan… and again.. maybe “Think Food, Think Perutbesi” is the best..

  2. 2

    perutbesi said,

    Perutbesi to 9 @ @ |\|: Great Ideas! We may use each of ur suggestions! One for each year…perhaps we could change our slogan once a year! Hahaha…thanks!

  3. 3

    Chiew said,

    Perutbesi’s Rock Solid Gourmet Quest – A Perutbesi’s battle cry and they are on the way to conquer the food around M’sia……. perhaps the whole world.

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