Wondering what in the world this mad Perutbesian is gonna write about this time? Haha 😆 If u can actually guess it even before u read on, lemme know! We’ll go for teh tarik 😉

BCW 3948… WMA 6656… NAX 8345… MT 5588… JEC 3398…

Now can u figure out?

I traveled from one state to another lar… I actually went to JB last Sat with 2 friends, a youth pastor, Ps Chris, & his side-kick, Choy Quin! Haha..I’m Quin jie’s side-kick (self declare), so I thought of just tagging along & have some ‘get away’ from PJ 😛

I’ve a few goals for this trip:

  1. Get away fro PJ for a few days (just 2 days)
  2. Visit Ps Tim & family, & visit the youths in JB Wesley
  3. MAKAN!! and get pics for the blog!!

We left PJ quite late, around 2 pm on Sat, & by the time we actually arrived, it was 7+pm d. What to do? When you’re with good friends, you’ll end up stopping for makan every other time! Hahahaha… 😆 Worse still, we drove the van, not the car! Teehee… for the 1st time, Ms Wong actually drove a van! Tiring, but an experience 🙂

On our way there, we made 2 major stops:

  1. Dengkil Rest Area
  2. Tangkak

1. Dengkil Rest Area

Why stop at the Dengkil Rest Area? Hmm…not that it’s very nice to stop there la…but Ps Chris said the satay there is quite nice wor.I give it a B+ rating. It’s not excellent, neither is it yucky. It’s not as fragrant as those authentic ones, but it’s good for a rest area stall!

Pros: Tender meat, serving size quite alright, a big bowl of sauce given
Cons: Ketupat (rice dumpling in woven palm leaves pouch) very small, not fragrant enough

Price listing of all the types of satay:

Clockwise from top left: Sate Kajang Hj Samuri, Chicken Satay, Satay Sauce (peanut), Ketupat & Cucumbers (no onions!)

(ergh… I shall not makethe photos like that. Will use the originals instead)

2. Tangkak

This part of the journey was kinda exciting for me….teeheehee…we went to meet the ‘King’! Yeah, went searching high & low for the ‘King of Fruits’!! 😀 Ps Chris again la…wakaka…he’s more of a Perutbesi than Anne & I! We managed to find some stalls selling durian right after we turned in from the toll gate 😛

Welcome sign when turning into Tangkak

Perutbesi Ruth in action! 1st time driving a van!! Teehehe… 😛

The durian stall…

Ps. Chris happily showing off the durian, which is although big & nice, is slightly dry 😦

Quin jie in action!

Perutbesi Ruth in action… nyahaha 😆

This is ‘day 1 in/to JB’…one more post for this short trip coming up!

– Ruth


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