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Ideas: leftovers & fridge clearing

Somehow my fridge is cluttered with quite a lot of food & vegie. Not because I’m a Perutbesi, but because we rarely get to cook at home apart from Sundays & Mondays, & we usually have to buy more than we need since the market won’t sell anything in too small an amount.

I’m the type of person who can’t stand the fridge cluttered with too many stuff. Plus, I can say that I’m bonkers enough to cook up anything found in the fridge! Just imagine, last week, I found half a bowl of rice, 2 bundles of ‘choy sum’, a packet of carrots, a box of cherry tomatoes, some deep freeze seafood nuggets, and many more that it’ll be a whole long list to write it out here!! 😆

As hungry & uncomfortable with the sight as I am, I decided to give my ‘mad & creative’ side a go 😉 I took the rice, ‘choy sum’ and a carrot, some nuggets, & 2 eggs, & walked to the kitchen feeling excited 😀

*chop chop shred shred beat beat cut cut chiang chiang chiang*

(sound of chopping the vegie, shredding the carrots, beating the eggs, cutting the nuggets, & cooking it all with the rice in the wok….of course one ingredient after each other in a proper sequence la)

After an enjoyable time of cooking up a storm ‘kononnya’ & making a mess out of the kitchen… 😀 … I had lunch served! *yay*

Here’s introducing the MC2 Fried Rice: Mad, Creative, & Colorful!


As long as there’s food to eat, & it taste alright, it’ll do fine as a simple lunch 😉

– Ruth

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Food fiesta even in the office?

The one thing about my workplace (aside from work) is the word “Food”. Interestingly, most people who enter this company to work will eventually look ‘fuller’… 😆 I’m not an exception!! *faints*

Last Friday, we had the usual monthly office birthday-babies-of-the-month lunch. This time’s lunch was “WAH!”. Usually, we’ll have catered rice or something around that sort. This time around, we had: *drumrolls* 😆



Does it look like Kenny Rogers Roasters? Teeheeheehee… the person in charge managed to get someone to cook up loads of black-pepper quarter roasters, mash potatoes, stir fried vegie, & fried rice 😛 Yum yum… so far the best office-lunch I’ve ever had! 😀

– Ruth

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Malaysia Food Festival – Spice Route

Hey ya! I’m back and all spiced up with some updates on the Malaysia Food Festival 2007. Couldn’t run away from posting this as Ruth has declared in her previous post that “…Anne will be at Suria KLCC today to cover the event & bring back some photos & news…” . Better get this posted before she start hunting me up and down for this *grin*

I was hoping to cover on the opening ceremony yesterday (Fri) but i couldn’t make it to the ceremony on time 😦 But i was able to stop by at the Spice Route event today and get some information for our dear readers here 🙂

MFF ’07 at Suria KLCC


The Spice Route event will be held until this Sunday at Suria KLCC Centrecourt. There are few exhibitors from the food industry who participated in that event. Among them are Chakri Place, San Francisco Steakhouse, Chocz, Bakin’ Boys Malaysia, King Pie, House of Peri-Peri, Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant, Santini@Suria KLCC. Shrooms, Bongsen, Stars Oysters & Sushi Bar etc. Visitor can get to try on some of the delicacies offered at the booth, get a glimpse of the menu, watch live culinary demonstration or talk to their staff. Some of the exhibitors also give away discount voucher or free meal voucher for lucky visitor 🙂

MFF07 make a trip to Suria KLCC to experience the wonders of Malaysian food 🙂 For those who couldn’t make it, dun worry…as the Tutti Fruity event will be take place at 1 Utama on 17-19 August. There will be a wide array of thirst-quenching juices, mocktails and fruit drinks for visitor to try on during the event *yay*.

Visitor can also get to see a lineup of lip smacking rice dishes at the third event for the Malaysia Food Festival 2007, the Rice Festival. It will be held on 24-26 August at Sunway Pyramid Main Concourse Lower Level 1.

See you there! 🙂


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Malaysian Food Festival 2007

Yay! The Malaysian Food Festival 2007 is finally here!!! *dances around* Food….glorious food….. 😀

Malaysia Food Festival 2007
Dates: 10-26 August 2007


Kicking off today (10th August) & lasting for 17 days (ends 26th August), the Malaysia Food Festival, organized by Reed Exhibitions, will depict the unique aspects of Malaysian cuisine & the amazing food culture, and provides an interactive platform for both consumers and businesses to come together in celebration and recognition of its local culinary industry.

The opening ceremony will be held today at the Suria KLCC Shopping Center!!

Three special events will be held throughout the festival to give all Malaysians and visitors an experience of the rich food culture in Malaysia that they will never forget:

1. Spice Route

Venue: Center Court, Concourse Level, Suria KLCC Shopping Center
Dates: 10-12 August 2007

2. Tutti Fruity

Venue: Lower Ground, Level Oval, 1 Utama Shopping Center
Dates: 17-19 August 2007

3. Rice Festival

Venue: Main Concourse, Lower Level 1, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center
Dates: 24-26 August 2007

Aside from the 3 special events, a Jati Merdeka Challenge was held (in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Malaysia) & 50 lucky contestants walked away with fantastic prizes of dining vouchers, cash prizes, Jati goodie bags, cars, motorcycles, & much more!

This festival is something not to be missed! Our dear Anne will be at Suria KLCC today to cover the event & bring back some photos & news to share with all our readers! *hurray!* 😆 So, stay tuned for more updates of the Malaysia Food Festival 2007 😉 We’ll do our best to keep you updated on the latest happenings in the food industry in Malaysia & all across the globe 😀

For more information on the Food Festival, go to: MFoodFest

– Ruth & Anne

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More Fish Head Noodles Anyone?

This is another Fish Head Noodles eatery that was recommended by some colleagues. Since they said that it’s very good, a few of us decided to take a drive there & try it out for ourselves! 😛

Located at Damansara Kim, this stall is pretty famous & has many patrons during lunch hour. I guess it is one of the better ones, if not the best. It’s quite easy to locate the stall. If you happen to know where the Desa Kiara Condominiums are, it is behind that condo. Here’s a simple map 😛


Compared to the one at Jalan Batai (Restoran Shangri-la), I would say that this has its own specialty as well. Personally, I still prefer the one at Jalan Batai because it has more milk (thicker) and it’s more fragrant…more cooking wine! But it’s worth eating! 😀

Pros: Generous serving, large variety of noodles with different combinations, delicious fish with not so many bones or some with no bones!, & more ginger!
Cons: Soup not as thick/doesn’t have as much milk as I wish it to be, slightly more salty, more sour cos of the vegie & tomatoes, & not as fragrant due to less cooking wine.

The front of the stall:

They even have a menu! There are 3 types of fish noodles:

  1. Soong Fish (has bones, but it’s still good): RM6-RM6.30,
  2. Haruan Slice Meat (no bones): RM8-RM8.30,
  3. Fish Paste (with added cuttlefish bits & preserved veg mixed into the paste): RM6-RM6.30

Main courses:

Side Orders (at least RM10/serving):

Exotic Courses (at least RM10/serving):

Dessert (ranging from RM1.30-RM2.00):


Fish paste Bee Hoon. The fish paste is very nice:ss20_fishHeadNoodle_paste

Soong Fish Head Bee Hoon:

I guess we’ll continue looking out for good food to recommend to our faithful readers 😉 ‘Til our next post, stay tuned & have a yummilicious day!! 😆

– Ruth

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Divine…only in Taman Pelangi!

Actually, our JB trip was REALLY, VERY short. Since we arrived late evening, all we did was just have dinner, & later had supper with 2 friends. Pictures speak a thousand words, so I’ll just ‘speak’ with pics la! 😆

We were in New York for a night 😛 My first time in New York!! Haha…who needs to fly to the USA for New York? We have it here, in Johor Bahru! Room rates are reasonable lar… RM120 for a twin share/night. 🙂


When you’re in JB, you’ve gotta try this- BBQ Seafood/Meat. I’m not sure how much it costs since we didn’t pay for it, but it sure taste VERY nice! These meat sticks come with a special chilli, which gives a kick to the dish!! 😀

Find the Restaurant/mamak adjacent Jalan Setiapuspa in JB, with the name Kafe Enampuluhan 😛

Breakfast the next day at New York Hotel’s cafe:

This was basically what I had. The variety ain’t that much, but the taste is not too bad. I’ll give it a B grade under the hotel food category 😛

This is one place that I will recommend to anyone who comes by JB. Stop over at Taman Pelangi for some ‘ice kacang’ (shaved ice with syrup, & an assortment of ‘jewels’ like boiled red beans, cin cau [grass jell], corn, jelly bits, etc)!!

The Taman Pelangi ice kacang is the best because it has chocolate sauce on it!!! Yummy!! It’s SUPERBLY delicious! A++ for this ice kacang! If you’re a chocolate lover, this is for you!

I hope these 2 JB posts gave you an insight of what you could do if you’re there for a short trip. When it comes to JB, it’s mee rebus, Danga Bay, Desaru, nasi lemak, ‘kuey teow kia’ (keuy teow cooked with pig’s intestines in dark sauce like bah kut teh), & of course the 2 dishes that I posted above!

I wanna go for more of such makan trips!

– Ruth

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Wondering what in the world this mad Perutbesian is gonna write about this time? Haha 😆 If u can actually guess it even before u read on, lemme know! We’ll go for teh tarik 😉

BCW 3948… WMA 6656… NAX 8345… MT 5588… JEC 3398…

Now can u figure out?

I traveled from one state to another lar… I actually went to JB last Sat with 2 friends, a youth pastor, Ps Chris, & his side-kick, Choy Quin! Haha..I’m Quin jie’s side-kick (self declare), so I thought of just tagging along & have some ‘get away’ from PJ 😛

I’ve a few goals for this trip:

  1. Get away fro PJ for a few days (just 2 days)
  2. Visit Ps Tim & family, & visit the youths in JB Wesley
  3. MAKAN!! and get pics for the blog!!

We left PJ quite late, around 2 pm on Sat, & by the time we actually arrived, it was 7+pm d. What to do? When you’re with good friends, you’ll end up stopping for makan every other time! Hahahaha… 😆 Worse still, we drove the van, not the car! Teehee… for the 1st time, Ms Wong actually drove a van! Tiring, but an experience 🙂

On our way there, we made 2 major stops:

  1. Dengkil Rest Area
  2. Tangkak

1. Dengkil Rest Area

Why stop at the Dengkil Rest Area? Hmm…not that it’s very nice to stop there la…but Ps Chris said the satay there is quite nice wor.I give it a B+ rating. It’s not excellent, neither is it yucky. It’s not as fragrant as those authentic ones, but it’s good for a rest area stall!

Pros: Tender meat, serving size quite alright, a big bowl of sauce given
Cons: Ketupat (rice dumpling in woven palm leaves pouch) very small, not fragrant enough

Price listing of all the types of satay:

Clockwise from top left: Sate Kajang Hj Samuri, Chicken Satay, Satay Sauce (peanut), Ketupat & Cucumbers (no onions!)

(ergh… I shall not makethe photos like that. Will use the originals instead)

2. Tangkak

This part of the journey was kinda exciting for me….teeheehee…we went to meet the ‘King’! Yeah, went searching high & low for the ‘King of Fruits’!! 😀 Ps Chris again la…wakaka…he’s more of a Perutbesi than Anne & I! We managed to find some stalls selling durian right after we turned in from the toll gate 😛

Welcome sign when turning into Tangkak

Perutbesi Ruth in action! 1st time driving a van!! Teehehe… 😛

The durian stall…

Ps. Chris happily showing off the durian, which is although big & nice, is slightly dry 😦

Quin jie in action!

Perutbesi Ruth in action… nyahaha 😆

This is ‘day 1 in/to JB’…one more post for this short trip coming up!

– Ruth

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