Trip to Kuala Selangor

Ah. It’s been quite a long time since I last posted anything here! Been caught up with work & the lack of outings contributed to the silence as well 😛 Sorry guys…

Last weekend was a long one as the country celebrated its 50th Anniversary (Independence Day). A couple of friends & I decided to make a trip out of town for some relaxation & some good food, of course! Sadly, Anne can’t join us as she had some other personal agenda.

We went to Kuala Selangor (KS) on Friday itself (31 August 2007) & 3 of us stayed one night at the Kuala Selangor Hotel (more like a motel), while the other 3 friends left for PJ after dinner. Ling, Theng, & I went in 1 car, & we had lunch at Subang Jaya SS12 first, before leaving for KS.

There’s this small restaurant (can’t recall the name!!) selling Ipoh Prawn Dumpling Noodles, which ain’t too bad. I heard that it’s quite packed during work hours, so I guess it’s quite a popular spot 😉

Ipoh Prawn Dumpling Hor Fun (RM5.50 with added prawn dumplings)

After the tasty hor fun, we left for KS, which took us about 1 1/2 hours, using the Klang way. The other alternative route is to use the Sungai Buloh toll & from the toll, there’re signboards leading to KS.

KS is basically a fishing village area. It’s a very small area with practically nothing much to see except fish, the lifestyle of the people there, & some historical places like the Bukit Melawati (lighthouse, monuments, museums). There’s also the firefly sanctuary, which is not to be missed 🙂

Here are the many pics that we took during the trip 😆

1. KS Hotel

RM50/night for 2 ppl (each extra 1 person: +RM5)
– small room with air-con, king size bed, attached bathroom (without heater)
– comments: living condition is alright (3/5), the only thing that ticked us off was the bad service… the lady in-charge of the place was very rude & that kinda ruined our day. She insisted rudely that we pay RM5 for an extra person to stay for a night (1/5)

2. At “Auntie Kopitiam”– a cosy kopitiam opposite the ‘hotel’, which serves quite a good variety of food (photo taken with Ling)

3. Fishing village from opposite of the river

4. At a stall selling coconuts in Pasir Penampang– best place for a HOT day! (photo taken with Theng)

5. Prawn crackers sun-bathing 😛

6. A villager hand-making the fish balls (it’s a huge tub to make!! *faints*)

7. Lighthouse at the peak of Bukit Melawati (photo taken with Fen, Joey, Yo)

8. Sunset at KS from the Kuala Sungai Restaurant where we had dinner

9. Dinner! Fried crayfish (‘lau liu har’ fried ‘lai yau’ style)

10. Sweet & Sour Crab

11. Lala ‘Siong Thong’

12. Steam Siakap fish

13. Stir-fried Kangkung with Belacan

– dinner was at Restaurant Kuala Sungai, at Pasir Penampang, KS
-we had to wait for 1 1/2 hours for the food to arrive!!! *faints* The amount of time to wait could bring us back to PJ for good food d! 😦
– for all those dishes (crabs had a fried mantau alongside) & drinks, it came up to a total of RM110+
– overall, the food was good, but apparently, we could get equally good food, or even better seafood in PJ itself!

Oh ya, we did go to the Firefly Sanctuary at Kampung Kuantan in KS . However, we couldn’t take any pics of the fireflies as we’re not allowed to do so . The boat ride took around 30min in the pitch darkness on a ‘sampan’. It costs RM40/boat (max 4 ppl) & I can assure you that the ride is worth it 😉 The scene of the fireflies in the Berembang tree makes the entire stretch of trees along the river look like beautifully lit Christmas tree!!

KS isn’t too far, & oh yeah, the fresh seafood is worth buying! Anne & I hope that this post will give you some ideas of places to relax & get close to nature once again 😉 Stay tuned!

– Ruth


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  1. 1

    durianberry said,

    Nice blog! I was supposed to go to the KS Firefly sanctuary with my parents but we couldn’t the find the exit as it was dark already! Now 3 years later still haven’t visit that place :\ Hehe

  2. 2

    perutbesi said,

    Perutbesi to durianberry: Hi! Thanks for dropping by the blog 🙂 The exit/entrance to the Firefly Sanctuary is quite easy to find now. There’s a signboard outside, & it’s not too far from the Kuala Selangor town. Do drop by that place at least once! You won’t be disappointed 😉 Oh yeah, around 8pm is best to see the fireflies 😀

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