Korean Dinner Madness

Ah, it’s been a very long while since we last posted anything on this site. Very sorry, our dear faithful readers. We’ve been very, very busy with work and the industrial training report, and our next job awaits us in November. Both Anne & I will enter the work-world for ‘real’ in November! *faints*

Here’s something to share with all of you:

I had a really good dinner 3 weeks ago, on the last day of my industrial training. A couple of friends (ex-colleagues now) & I went all the way to this small Korean restaurant, near Ampang Point shopping complex after work. This restaurant is situated upstairs a mamak restaurant, situated at the row of shops on the left of Ampang Point’s main entrance (I can’t recall the name of the restaurant 😦 )

The price of food there is really worth paying for. The taste is good, the place is cozy, & the service there amazes me! I think all the soup & appetizers there are refillable!! *gasps* In total, we paid only around RM15/person for a super-duper meal & we sure had a great time there!

Here’s introducing the food that we had that night:

Appetizers (all FREE & refillable!!)

Dokbokgi (애ㅏ ㅠㅐㅏ 햐): RM10
This dish consists of rice cake (‘tube-like’ dough that resembles the ‘chee cheong fun’) cooked with special chilli sauce (or kimchi ㅏㅑㅡ 초ㅑ sauce), onions, & garlic leaves. I find this dish pretty delicious & it brought back fond memories of my trip to Korea mid this year.

Maeuntang (ㅡㅁ뎌ㅜㅅ뭏): RM35
Overflowing with oysters, clams/lala, prawns, & squid, served in spicy kimchi soup, onions, spring onions, & assorted vegetables, this dish (seafood soup) is a must have when you’re there! There are at least 6 large oysters, 30 clams, 8 prawns, & squid swimming all over. The soup is refillable & reheat-able too!! *waaaaahhh!!* 😀

Samgeopsal (ㄴ므 ㅎ대ㅔ ㄴ미 ): RM25/serving
‘Samgeopsal’ means 3-layers meat. Pieces of meat (in this case pork…you can also order beef slices) are barbequed on an electronic pit & eaten with Chinese lettuce, garlic slice, chilli slice, and sauce. Below are pictures on ‘how to prepare the Samgeopsal’:

1. Place bbq-ed meat on the lettuce leaf

2. Add a slice of garlic

3. Add a slice of green chilli

4. Add pickled vegie (onions & spring onions)

5. Wrap the ingredients in the lettuce leaf & dip into the special sauce. Yummy!

Do drop by that place should you feel like having a Korean meal!


To get there by public transport, you can just take the Putra LRT to KLCC station, walk up the K-Avenue building to Jalan Ampang, get a bus to Ampang Point or take a cab there, & you’ll be able to find this restaurant.

Contact Number: 03-42704952
* The owners speak simple English & the lady boss speaks Mandarin too.



9 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Nana said,

    Ruth..is it halal?
    If it is..i nak pegi!!!

  2. 2

    perutbesi said,

    Perutbesi to Nana: Hi Nana!! 😀 I’m afraid it’s not halal :S Cos they do serve pork bbq there. Perhaps those Korean BBQ place in shopping malls wil be halal…

  3. 3

    Nana said,

    Where else to go?I’ve searched everywhere to find good,halal korean food. The one in Midvalley Megamall is also not halal.

  4. 4

    perutbesi said,

    Perutbesi to Nana: We’re not sure where else has halal Korean Restaurants. If we come across it, we’ll let you know! 😉

  5. 5

    rara said,

    i found one at ttdi.

    not sure where exactly but my friends said it halal.

    will goen there this end of the months 🙂

  6. 6

    perutbesi said,

    PerutBesi to rara: Hey there! Thanks for dropping by to tell us 😀 Do let us know about the place once u’ve tried it 😉 We’ll check it out & post it on the site!

  7. 7

    April said,

    Hi there,

    I just happen to do a search on korean restaurant, and it landed to your website. Do you love authentic korean kimchi ? Let me share with you a korean kimchi that I used to get it from (It was introduced by my korean friend). It is very nice and cheap too. It tasted much much better than other Korean shop that I usually gets.


  8. 8

    April said,

    Hi all,
    Thought of wanted to share out my newfound Korean Kimchi website. I have tasted it and it tasted good as well as the price is affordable.
    I think it is useful for those who missed and love to have homemake korean kimchi as well as does not have the time to make it yourself.

    Try it out Authentic Korean ….


  9. 9

    syazana said,

    i’m also in seaech of halal korean restaurant and happens to found this, http://k-popped.com/2010/01/halal-korean-food-at-street-cafe/
    hope it is helpful~

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