The Graduated Perutbesi Duo!

Yup, we’ve finally graduated!! Alas, it was a long awaited journey. The past 3 years of studying was indeed an enriching one 🙂 We’ll share more on our convocation soon! As for now, do check out more on our convo in our Perutbesi in the Work-World page. Stay tuned!! 😆


– Ruth


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  1. 1

    xalimx said,

    congratulation on your graduation…

    dont forget me when u successful in future… i’m just a new person born in this world..know nothing at all

  2. 2

    slushkmk said,

    yeah.. this xalimx being.. hohoh dont now anything yaaa..
    then explain me bout..
    2GB, 4GB, 10GB, 100GB…
    hohoh.. kick my leg born.. ceiiih…
    new born from the womb or what?..
    hehehe just joking…

    anyway… congratz!! to intel for their duo core processor..
    ehh wrong.. congratz to the duo perutbesian…

  3. 3

    xalimx said,

    busy working ke perutbesian?? no update till now from you

  4. 4

    xalimx said,

    owh..update already 😀 sorry, my mistake

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