Weekend down south…

I made a trip down south to JB with a friend, James, this recent weekend (Saturday-Sunday). The trip was indeed a short one, & quite a rushed one, but it was all good 🙂 We were there to visit our friend, Mabel, who just came back from Aussie for her uni-break.

The entire trip was focused on eating, catching up, & sleeping…hahaha. Our first meal was beef noodles & duck cooked in soy sauce (lou ngap) at Cathay! The beef noodles were pretty good, I’ve to say. It’s different from the Seremban one, but the meat was tender & the flavour was yummy! The duck was also very delicious! Too bad I didn’t manage to take any photos throughout the entire trip using my camera as there were some problems with my camera batteries.

We also had the irresistable ice kacang at Taman Pelangi (with chocolate sauce!) & the ice jelly (finely shaved ice with lemon flavoured jelly, watermelon cubes, & canned fruits of all sorts) for tea on Saturday 😛 Yums! Enjoying such delights really make our day 😉

I have to recommend the dinner place that we went to. This restaurant is called San Low. It’s located at Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru, & it serves very yummy fried baby squids, fried bee hoon, & many other dishes 😛 If you are around that area, you have to stop by that restaurant for a meal (usually opened for dinner). It’s well patroned by locals & Singaporeans alike, & I reckon the price isn’t too steep 🙂

I had such a wonderful time with my friends & family there that it was kinda sad to leave that place on Sunday afternoon. It’ll be at least another 300+ days before I can meet up with Mabel again. Bah. I look forward to more makan & catch up trips like this. It may be rather tiring, but it’s something that keeps me refreshed to face a new week ahead! 😉

Darling Mabes, James hon, & Ruthie

– Ruth


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  1. 1

    baam said,

    picture?..huhuh.. dun prepare spare bateri.. like spare tyre ka?…
    aiyo.. lenkali sediakan payung sebelum hujan..
    hohoho… anyway…. i already imagine the food u eat…

    duck.. ok.. ITIK..

    errm beef noodle..ermm.. i imagine yg versi halal yo..ermm DAGING WITH MEGGI

    and also.. the ice kacang.. with choclate sauce.. ermm.. AIS+KACANG+COKLAT..

    OK.. already.. imagine it.. ermm.. yummy.. ermm.. myyum..nyum..nyum..

    wow.. ssoooo tender.. the DAGING.. ermm nyum..nyum..ehh something stuck in my teeth.. ermm.. nyum..nyum..get some noodle.. erm.. BLUUURRPP..

    ermm fantastilicious… NYUMMY.. now the desert.. ermm.. get a spoon whole of AIS.. WITH COKLAT on it.. yuMMyYyy… waaaaaaaaa..

    so great.. BlluUUUuuUUuuRrRRrPP… alhamdulillah…



  2. 2

    perutbesi said,

    PerutBesi to baam: Baam!! How are u? LI cam ne?? Great to have u visit our site 😛 We will upload the pix asap k? 😆

  3. 3

    slushkmk said,

    yeah…good to hv a visit here,
    got 2 ur website every time feeling… hungarian heheh
    i already add in ur link 2 my blogroll…..
    add mine to urs please…

    my LI?.. well seems to hv so much of free time here with jay.. heheh
    maybe we are not at the peak yet.. so.. lots of time to crawl around the net.. .

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