Find out how ‘ruthless’ we can get…

Wondering who is the person behind this blog? Or as a matter of fact, who are these people who claim themselves to be ‘ruthless eaters’?

Here’s introducing the co-founders of this blog site:

Ruth, the writer & photographer & Anne, the writer & photo editor…

chin & ruth

We are Software Engineering undergraduates from UMP, a local university in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia. Our passion is not solely in Software Engineering (in fact, studying Software Engineering was never in our wildest dreams!), but divided to different fields of life i.e. food, webpage designing & development, photography, and much more!

Welcome to our blog! On this blog, you’ll find yourself stopping at pictures & posts of a spread of food, especially those that you may not have seen before & you may not even think it would exist, happenings around us, and interesting ideas that we would love to share with you!

Coming from different walks of life, theΒ both of us have found a common ground & a love for this site. The excitement is intense, as we continue this journey of maintaining this Perut Besi blogsite. If you’ve ever wondered why we named this site ‘Perut Besi’ & what it actually means, ‘Perut’ means stomach (in Malay), and ‘Besi’ means iron/steel (also in Malay). Thus, the idea of Perut Besi would represent our ‘Iron Stomach’ as we seek an adventure in life, trying out new food, new ideas, and updating you with the happenings around us. p/s: It takes someone with a ‘strong stomach’ to go through the weirdest things in life πŸ˜‰

All you need is a STRONG stomach, a SPIRIT for ADVENTURE, a CURIOUS mind, & the LOVE for GLORIOUS FOOD! Do drop us some comments & share with us your thoughts. We welcome feedbacks and ideas for us to experiment & experience πŸ˜‰


Ruth & Anne

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  1. 1

    Anne said,

    Finally..our blog is up..steaming HOT! Way to go gurls! πŸ™‚


    A proud member of PerutBesi clique “,

  2. 2

    baam said,

    wuah my classmate already have a website and its about fergilicious dishes , makanan… lauk pauk… wuaaaaaaahhh BESTNYER… interesting from here i can lookup new dishes to try… hehehe πŸ˜€

  3. 3

    hehe… sedap2… open up a food stall lah kalau ade pasar malam kuktem. hehe…

  4. 4

    PerutBesi said,

    PerutBesi to bloodhunter13: Thanks for the suggestion πŸ™‚ The ‘ruthless eaters’ pandai makan je..x pandai buat business..hehe

  5. 5

    perutbesi said,

    perutbesi to bloodhunter13: Thanks for your suggestion πŸ™‚ Kami akan usahakan..but the ruthless eaters tau makan je..x pandai buat business ..hehe

  6. 6

    muchacha said,

    belajar ler ngan lecturer business yang konon hebat sgt tu.. πŸ˜›

  7. 7

    perutbesi said,

    perutbesi to muchacha: Esok perutbesi nak try present business plan kat MDeC la. Buat business food blog πŸ™‚

  8. 8

    GengKeyz said,

    aloha… i know Q, RUTH but siapakah gerangannyer… ANNE?

  9. 9

    perutbesi said,

    perutbesi to GengKeyz: ooo..anne tu…adek kembar Khor. Seiras tapi x serupa πŸ˜‰

  10. 10

    Abbas said,

    they call me “perOt naGe” once, sbb bdn kurus tp makan baaAaanyiak (nage kn kurus tp panjang).
    but since wujudnye perotBesi, im done for the bussines. erk~…

  11. 11

    perutbesi said,

    perutbesi to Abbas: Aish… although perutbesi is in ‘business’, perOt naGe masih blh wujud! Dua2 pun lain πŸ˜‰ We are perutbesi only, not perOt naGe, so don’t worry ’bout bein done for the business! Heehee…

  12. 12

    Abbas said,

    yay !! counter 13 is open again. come come. BiG SalE today. =D

  13. 13

    Q said,

    Hi guys…

    Izit this blog is cool..For me, 100% perfect and excellence…

    I’m so proud with it ;p

    Therefore, welcome to our blog!!

    see u…

  14. 14

    xalimx said,

    warna yang menyerlah , hijau daun pisang…

  15. 15

    envime said,

    hoyeh ! hoyeh ! everytime is makan time… (“,)v keep up the good work. i need uol to supply me wif where-to-eat-today’s location.

  16. 16

    rachel said,

    hey. perut besi’s siter here. sorry sis. i’ve got no time to update my blog, unlike you. so free? kakakaka. . . just pulling your leg. i just found your blog. i curi your add . haha. anyway, as much as i hate to admit it, your blog looks really gud. . oh. is that ruth i just saw kembang lioaw? kekeke. ok. thanks to me too, to have intro’d you to this blog spot. lol. . . just dropping by to disturb you and be a nuisance =p c ya =p

  17. 17

    Vilyamxl said,

    Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!

  18. 18

    cigarettes said,

    Very nice this blog =)

  19. 19

    marlboro said,

    Very nice this blog =)

  20. 20

    camelOne said,

    Very nice this blog =)

  21. 21

    cheapcigar said,

    Very nice this blog =)

  22. 22

    winstoun said,

    Very nice this blog =)

  23. 23

    alorn said,

    hi! just visiting. very nice blog. i like it. so neat. and the concept too. its fun to blog but more fun to do it with a best friend πŸ™‚

  24. 24

    LH Chan said,

    Hi, anything interesting in kuantan to eat other than T&L Restaurant?
    This would hopefully encourage you guys to update lah! Chia Yu!!!

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