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We’ve Moved

For those who are not aware yet, we’ve moved to:! See u there! 😆

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1st Anniversary of PerutBesi’s blog site!

Hurrah!! It’s almost one year since this blog kicked off into action 🙂 Tomorrow will mark the 1st anniversary of ‘The Ruthless Eaters’ blog site.

We’ll be celebrating our blog’s 1st anniversary with some delicious food, adventure, & friendship (as what our catch phrase is). At present, we are still planning on where & what to eat, but we’ll surely not miss this opportunity to celebrate this joyous occassion with some of our good friends!

This 1st anniversary will also mark the migration of our blog site. We’ve decided to move this blog to Blogger for its dynamic features 😀 This blog site wil officially operate at its new site effective 31st January 2008. Do stay tuned with us at:!!

We hope to bring you more food, adventure, & friendship items in the near future!! Cheers!


– Ruth & Anne

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here! The city is brightly lit & almost every departmental store is having their Christmas & end year sales! How exciting 😀

I wonder how many who are going through the hustel & bustle of this season know the true meaning of Christmas. This season is so commercialized that it is losing its meaning *sigh* The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ marks Christmas. Without His birth, there’s no need for us to celebrate Christmas (unless people just want to have some insignificant kinda celebration, without a purpose!).

The celebration comes along with Hope, Joy, a Promise fulfilled, & Love. With families & friends gathering for the celebration, loads of food to indulge in, a galore of gifts to open up, & a time where you would probably see most smiles 🙂 , Christmas is truly a day to reflect on & enjoy.

We, the PerutBesi duo, would like to wish all our readers a wonderful Christmas & an exciting year ahead, filled with hope, promises fulfilled, & all things good! 😆 Stay tuned!

– Ruth & Anne

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Taking a Break

We’re very very sorry to all our readers. We’ve been extremely busy of late & haven’t been going out for any nice food to recommend. We’ll try our very best to keep this site alive. Sorry!

Ruth & Anne

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Cancel/Teruskan reunion 3BCS 06/07?

Perhatian kpd kawan2 & pelajar 3BCS 06/07.

Pasal reunion hari Sabtu ni (18 Ogos 2007) di Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, siapa yg ingin datang & boleh datang? Perutbesi bercadang nak cancel je reunion ni krana tak ramai yg balas announcement reunion yg kami buat bulan lepas (di blog ni, blog 3BCS, & di Friendster), & tak ramai yg boleh dtg.

Apa pendapat kawan2 semua?

Cancel ke teruskan? Perutbesi bercadang nak cancel je…

Sila balas post ni. TQ! 🙂

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Malaysian Food Festival 2007

Yay! The Malaysian Food Festival 2007 is finally here!!! *dances around* Food….glorious food….. 😀

Malaysia Food Festival 2007
Dates: 10-26 August 2007


Kicking off today (10th August) & lasting for 17 days (ends 26th August), the Malaysia Food Festival, organized by Reed Exhibitions, will depict the unique aspects of Malaysian cuisine & the amazing food culture, and provides an interactive platform for both consumers and businesses to come together in celebration and recognition of its local culinary industry.

The opening ceremony will be held today at the Suria KLCC Shopping Center!!

Three special events will be held throughout the festival to give all Malaysians and visitors an experience of the rich food culture in Malaysia that they will never forget:

1. Spice Route

Venue: Center Court, Concourse Level, Suria KLCC Shopping Center
Dates: 10-12 August 2007

2. Tutti Fruity

Venue: Lower Ground, Level Oval, 1 Utama Shopping Center
Dates: 17-19 August 2007

3. Rice Festival

Venue: Main Concourse, Lower Level 1, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center
Dates: 24-26 August 2007

Aside from the 3 special events, a Jati Merdeka Challenge was held (in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Malaysia) & 50 lucky contestants walked away with fantastic prizes of dining vouchers, cash prizes, Jati goodie bags, cars, motorcycles, & much more!

This festival is something not to be missed! Our dear Anne will be at Suria KLCC today to cover the event & bring back some photos & news to share with all our readers! *hurray!* 😆 So, stay tuned for more updates of the Malaysia Food Festival 2007 😉 We’ll do our best to keep you updated on the latest happenings in the food industry in Malaysia & all across the globe 😀

For more information on the Food Festival, go to: MFoodFest

– Ruth & Anne

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Three Days Break

I’ll be taking a short break ’til Monday, & will get back to ‘work’ on Tuesday. Anne’s busy as well with the deadline of her project drawing nearer…so our dear readers, just hang in there & stay tuned. We’ll be back with more exciting stuff to share!

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3BCS Reunion Anyone?

Syntax madness:

if (you are from 3BCS 2006/07, LI in KL)
{Perutbesi invites u for a reunion at Hartz Chicken Buffet, Times Square, KL}

while (you are interested in the reunion)
{drop Perutbesi a comment, stating interest & suggested date, or email Ruth before 11 August 2007}

elsif (you are from 3BCS 2006/07, LI NOT in KL)
{the invitation to the reunion is also opened to u! }

while (you are interested in the reunion)
{drop Perutbesi a comment, stating interest & suggested date, or email Ruth before 11 August 2007}

elsif (you are from 3BCS 2006/07, BUT not doin LI yet)
{the invitation to the reunion is also opened to u! }

while (you are interested in the reunion)
{drop Perutbesi a comment, stating interest & suggested date, or email Ruth before 11 August 2007}

elsif (you are NOT from 3BCS 2006/07, BUT want to join us for makan)
{drop Perutbesi a comment or email Ruth before 11 August 2007}

{ignore this post}

end if

Old English Madness:

“Hear ye, hear ye! If thou art a 3BCSian, & undergoing thy industrial training (LI)  in Kuala Lumpur or not doin LI yet…, Perutbesi seek thee for a reunion (after 2 months of not meeting up with each other!)!! Give us thy suggestions on dates that thou art free to meet up with those in KL!! For those who aren’t having LI in KL, the invitation is for thee too! Just let us, Perutbesi, know, & we’ll plan something out!!”

Tentative place: Hartz Chicken Buffet, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur
Tentative date: 18 August 2007, Saturday

p/s: Drop a comment to notify us if u could make it & state your suggestion of date, or email Ruth before 11 August 2007.

Bahasa Pasar Madness:

Perhatian kpd semua dak2 3BCS 2006/07! Perutbesi ingin m’buat satu ‘reunion’ tuk semua di KL. Kpd kwn2 yg sdang menjalani LI kat KL ataupun kat mane2 saje di Msia DAN yg tak LI lagi pun, kwn2 semua dijemput tuk MAKAN beramai-ramai!! (ok, I know my BM is really bad to tears)

Tempat tentatif: Hartz Chicken Buffet, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur
Tarikh tentatif: 18 Ogos 2007, Sabtu

Jika berminat, sila komen kat blog Perutbesi, dengan cadangan tarikh skali, ataupun email Ruth sebelum 11 Ogos 2007.

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Dear perutbesi blog readers,

Thank you for supporting our site. *applause* Please be informed that we will be taking a one week break starting from today due to the numerous tests and heavy workload that we have in uni. We will return with more fantastic posts in a week’s time. Catch ya then! Take care! 😉

Have a Happy Chinese New Year & happy holiday!!

We’ll be back soon!

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