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KL Coffee & Tea Festival

Taken from: KL Coffee & Tea Festival 2007

KLCTFest_2007  The KL Coffee and Tea Festival 2007 is a three day celebration of everything related to coffee and tea. It showcases some of the finest coffees and teas brought together here in Kuala Lumpur by local and international companies.

With special samplings, fun coffee and tea related activities and great offers and discounts, it is an event not to be missed.

Date:  December 7 – 9, 2007, Fri – Sun, 10 am – 10 pm (daily)
Place: Berjaya Convention Centre (6th Flr), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Among the many happenings at that festival are:

  • A Kung Fu Cha – demonstration
    A demonstration how Chinese Tea should be prepared. (Mandarin / English / Bahasa Malaysia)
  • Discussion – What makes a good cup of coffee
  • Sado – Japanese Tea Ceremony
    A re-enactment of a Japanese Tea Ceremony. (English / Mandarin)
  • Miss Coffee and Tea Competition
  • Talk – Cooking with tea
  • “Teh Tarik” Competition
  • How to brew the perfect cup of Coffee … and many more!

For further information, check out the website

– Ruth

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MIFC: Team Italy Competing!

*Pheeew….boom!! Pheeew….boom!* This went on for 30 minutes during the competition days! Cool eh? It was actually pretty interesting, considering the fact that Malaysia rarely have such events on! 🙂 The sight & sound of fireworks dancing in the night sky was one to behold 🙂

The 1st MIFC was held in the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). We, the Perutbesi duo managed to go there for 2 of the events *smiles proudly* Anne went for the display night on the 24th of August, while I went for the Team Italy’s competition night on the 25th 😀 However, we, like the thousands of others only watched the fireworks from outside the convention centre 😛

Signboard directing towards the PICC

The event is carried out every Friday & Saturday, from 16th August to 2nd September. On display nights, there’ll be 10 minutes of fireworks shooting into the sky, while on competition nights, the event will last for 30 minutes 😛

Fireworks display

Every night when the event is on, Putrajaya will be thronged by people from all over Malaysia, & other parts of the world, mesmerized by the awesome display of fireworks! 😀 For once, to be stuck in a traffic jam is something that’s not stressful, & one that brings a smile to each person’s face! Amazing, eh? Mind you, the jam to reach the bridge before the convention centre takes around 1 hour, & the jam after the event (to get out of Putrajaya) was another 1 ½ hours!! Toll itself, from Sunway, costs RM6.40 both ways, with an hour plus drive to arrive, with the jam!

Bridge at Putrajaya, before the PICC

Traffic jam after the event

I managed to capture some video of the event & snapped some photos too, but the photos didn’t turn out as well as the video itself 😦 Here’s to share with our dear readers, the event that took place on Team Italy’s competition night!

*sigh* Since WordPress isn’t compatible with video embedding, do check it out on this site:

– Ruth

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Malaysia Food Festival – Spice Route

Hey ya! I’m back and all spiced up with some updates on the Malaysia Food Festival 2007. Couldn’t run away from posting this as Ruth has declared in her previous post that “…Anne will be at Suria KLCC today to cover the event & bring back some photos & news…” . Better get this posted before she start hunting me up and down for this *grin*

I was hoping to cover on the opening ceremony yesterday (Fri) but i couldn’t make it to the ceremony on time 😦 But i was able to stop by at the Spice Route event today and get some information for our dear readers here 🙂

MFF ’07 at Suria KLCC


The Spice Route event will be held until this Sunday at Suria KLCC Centrecourt. There are few exhibitors from the food industry who participated in that event. Among them are Chakri Place, San Francisco Steakhouse, Chocz, Bakin’ Boys Malaysia, King Pie, House of Peri-Peri, Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant, Santini@Suria KLCC. Shrooms, Bongsen, Stars Oysters & Sushi Bar etc. Visitor can get to try on some of the delicacies offered at the booth, get a glimpse of the menu, watch live culinary demonstration or talk to their staff. Some of the exhibitors also give away discount voucher or free meal voucher for lucky visitor 🙂

MFF07 make a trip to Suria KLCC to experience the wonders of Malaysian food 🙂 For those who couldn’t make it, dun worry…as the Tutti Fruity event will be take place at 1 Utama on 17-19 August. There will be a wide array of thirst-quenching juices, mocktails and fruit drinks for visitor to try on during the event *yay*.

Visitor can also get to see a lineup of lip smacking rice dishes at the third event for the Malaysia Food Festival 2007, the Rice Festival. It will be held on 24-26 August at Sunway Pyramid Main Concourse Lower Level 1.

See you there! 🙂


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Malaysian Food Festival 2007

Yay! The Malaysian Food Festival 2007 is finally here!!! *dances around* Food….glorious food….. 😀

Malaysia Food Festival 2007
Dates: 10-26 August 2007


Kicking off today (10th August) & lasting for 17 days (ends 26th August), the Malaysia Food Festival, organized by Reed Exhibitions, will depict the unique aspects of Malaysian cuisine & the amazing food culture, and provides an interactive platform for both consumers and businesses to come together in celebration and recognition of its local culinary industry.

The opening ceremony will be held today at the Suria KLCC Shopping Center!!

Three special events will be held throughout the festival to give all Malaysians and visitors an experience of the rich food culture in Malaysia that they will never forget:

1. Spice Route

Venue: Center Court, Concourse Level, Suria KLCC Shopping Center
Dates: 10-12 August 2007

2. Tutti Fruity

Venue: Lower Ground, Level Oval, 1 Utama Shopping Center
Dates: 17-19 August 2007

3. Rice Festival

Venue: Main Concourse, Lower Level 1, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center
Dates: 24-26 August 2007

Aside from the 3 special events, a Jati Merdeka Challenge was held (in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Malaysia) & 50 lucky contestants walked away with fantastic prizes of dining vouchers, cash prizes, Jati goodie bags, cars, motorcycles, & much more!

This festival is something not to be missed! Our dear Anne will be at Suria KLCC today to cover the event & bring back some photos & news to share with all our readers! *hurray!* 😆 So, stay tuned for more updates of the Malaysia Food Festival 2007 😉 We’ll do our best to keep you updated on the latest happenings in the food industry in Malaysia & all across the globe 😀

For more information on the Food Festival, go to: MFoodFest

– Ruth & Anne

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‘Chang’ Festival

The Chinese Dumpling Festival falls on the 5th day in the 5th month of the Lunar calander (tomorrow, 19 June 2007). According to my younger sister, who claims that it’s according to history, this festival came about because of a general. There was this general who was trapped in an enemy’s campsite. The general’s daughter wanted to pass him a message (emperor’s instructions) to help him escape, so the message was placed in the dumpling called the ‘chang’ (Hokkien), a triangle-shaped glutinous rice dumpling. In the end, the general’s army won over their enemy because of that important message given to the general to free him. Thus, this Chinese Dumpling Festival is held in remembrance of the historical impact that changed the history of China forever 🙂

This one’s made by my aunt, who made a lot of chang for the whole family 😛 Inside the ‘chang’ are treasures to devour! Muahaha… there’s a piece of ‘sam chang bak’ (3-layer pork/ pork belly), chestnut, dried shrimp, black mushroom slices, & mung beans.  Some ba-chang (meat glutinous rice dumpling) will have the salted egg yoke, which is oolala… 😛 these chang is usually sold at the wet markets and even at roadside stalls. It is usually non-halal, but the market has already opened its business to cater to those who eat halal food as well 🙂 You can find the halal chang at shops in shopping complexes! I believe inside the chang is chicken or maybe beef instead of pork 🙂 Prices range from RM1.70 to RM3.50 or more, depending on the variety of filling inside the dumpling 😉


My family often take these festive opportunities to gather the entire family together (family plus family friends). Each time, we’ll have dinner pot-luck style where each family brings one dish to the host house, which is usually my grandpa’s house. I have 4 uncles & 3 aunts, so there’ll be around 21 people each time we have dinner together. Not too big a family, but big enough to fill the whole house & give a merry-feeling to its surroundings 🙂 We had the Chang Festival dinner yesterday, Sunday, since everyone is free on weekends.

Each time, we have around 8 dishes, but for yesterday, we had 11 dishes, inclusive of a soup (old cucumber & pork soup*). Here’s to share with everyone the dishes that we had for the dinner. The photos may not be of best quality since it’s taken with my sister’s camera phone, but it does still make one’s mouth water 😛

1. Mixed vegetables: Red capsicum, brocolli, siew-pak-choy, baby corn, & oyster sauce


2. Dry chicken curry: chicken cooked in curry paste & onions 😛 yums!


3. Sambal prawns with petai


4. Roast duck


5. Mixed mushroom with brocolli


6. Char yoke: fried pork slices (thick) marinated with red preserved beancurd, black sauce, rice wine (i think), & definately 5-spice powder, & later cooked with black fungus. Best to cook overnight for better flavour! *


7. Char siew (this one’s from a famous stall in KL): barbequed pork with honey, dark sauce & spices. *


8. Fried chicken breast meat in bread crumbs


9. Brinjal in chilli paste: steamed brinjal chunks with chilli paste & spices


10. Fried squid rings


* non-halal food

– Ruth

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