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DHL IT Services Annual Dinner & Dance 2007

The DHL Asia Pacific IT Services (Cyberjaya) had their Annual Dinner & Dance 2007 last Saturday at the KL Convention Centre.  The theme for that gala night was “Glitz & Glamour” & all guest were requested to wear their best for the night 🙂

The event was great 🙂 The best part, I think, was the entertainment, which featured Harith Iskandar & Reshmonu! 😀 Harith Iskandar’s slot was the best 😉 We had a roaring time of laughter & he kept the crowd entertained for about half an hour! Reshmonu’s slot was filled with groovy music & the floor was opened for dance as well…hehehe…not many people went up for the dance, but it was a great time nonetheless 🙂

The event also saw 4 lucky draw sessions, which kept the crowd hopefuly for something to be brought back with them 😀 Here are some photos of the event (I’ve some more which ain’t transferred yet):

Toby (GT gang friend), Ruth, Nat (my partner for the night)

Cha Foo, Ruth, Nat

The girls (all GTs except SYin, who’s EL’s partner)

Sharp Aquos 42″ LCD TV (BX Series)

Ahaha…yes! this 42″ LCD TV is my new baby!! I won it in the Grand Lucky Prize draw at the end of the night 😆 2nd prize!! It’s a true blessing & I really thank God for such a gift! 😀 Anyone would wanna buy this baby?? *lol* This event is truly a memorable one for me 🙂 It’s such a rare opportunity that I get to win something SO HUGE! Hahaha…

Kudos to the organizers of the event! All of us look forward to an even better & more exciting Annual Dinner & Dance 2008!!

* special thanks to:

  • Kris Wong, That Special Occasion, for the lovely dress designed
  • Linda Tan, my mum, who helped in getting the dress done up so beautifully
  • Rachel Wong, my sister & my personal make up artist!
  • Nathaniel A.K, for being my partner for the dinner 🙂
  • JS Low, my cousin, who loaned me the car for the night 😛
  • all my friends in DHL for making that night a memorable one!
  • GOD!! For the priceless opportunity & a wonderful time!

– Ruth

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KL Coffee & Tea Festival

Taken from: KL Coffee & Tea Festival 2007

KLCTFest_2007  The KL Coffee and Tea Festival 2007 is a three day celebration of everything related to coffee and tea. It showcases some of the finest coffees and teas brought together here in Kuala Lumpur by local and international companies.

With special samplings, fun coffee and tea related activities and great offers and discounts, it is an event not to be missed.

Date:  December 7 – 9, 2007, Fri – Sun, 10 am – 10 pm (daily)
Place: Berjaya Convention Centre (6th Flr), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Among the many happenings at that festival are:

  • A Kung Fu Cha – demonstration
    A demonstration how Chinese Tea should be prepared. (Mandarin / English / Bahasa Malaysia)
  • Discussion – What makes a good cup of coffee
  • Sado – Japanese Tea Ceremony
    A re-enactment of a Japanese Tea Ceremony. (English / Mandarin)
  • Miss Coffee and Tea Competition
  • Talk – Cooking with tea
  • “Teh Tarik” Competition
  • How to brew the perfect cup of Coffee … and many more!

For further information, check out the website

– Ruth

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Japanase Lunch at Sushi Zanmai

Located on the 3rd floor of The Gardens Shopping Mall, Mid Valley City, is a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Zanmai. Three of my high school friends, my Korean friend, & I were there for the 1st time to check out the food available at the restaurant. My 1st impression of the eatery is that it’s classy & cozy 😉

The menu looked impressive, but it didn’t have that much of a variety for its patrons to indulge in. Yet, despite the lack of variety, Sushi Zanmai still has a steady flow of patrons, entering its grounds & enjoying every bit of the food offered there. I can say that overall, the food is good. The price is alright, like the usual Japanese restaurants’ price.

Sushi Zanmai offers not only sushi, but noodles (ramen, soba, & udon), rice (don), & other side dishes. Most of its main course dishes come in 2 sizes, small & large, with prices ranging from RM8.80 to about RM20+ for the large portions. Green tea costs RM1.00/glass & is refillable, while their wet tissue provided in the set costs RM0.20/pack.

Here are some of the foods offered at Sushi Zanmai:

Tempura Soba てんぷら そば(small): RM10.80
– A type of Japanese noodles in miso みそsoup

Sakura Chirashi Don さくら ちらしどん(small): RM10.80
– Mixed seafood slices with rice

Yakiudon やき うどん(small): RM8.80
– Fried Udon with Chicken & some Seafood

Soft Shell Crab Maki (RM6.00), Mini California Maki (RM4.80 each), & Salmon Maki (RM3.80)

Una Tama うな たま(RM4.80 each), Inari Kani Ebikko いなりかにえびっこ (RM3.80), & Inari Ebikkoいなり えびっこ(RM3.80)

Do check this place out for yourselves. It is pretty good, really. I feel that it’s a good place to gather with friends, chit-chat, while enjoying a good meal together. 😛

Sushi Zanmai
T-217, 3rd Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City.
Tel: 03-22821160


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Korean Dinner Madness

Ah, it’s been a very long while since we last posted anything on this site. Very sorry, our dear faithful readers. We’ve been very, very busy with work and the industrial training report, and our next job awaits us in November. Both Anne & I will enter the work-world for ‘real’ in November! *faints*

Here’s something to share with all of you:

I had a really good dinner 3 weeks ago, on the last day of my industrial training. A couple of friends (ex-colleagues now) & I went all the way to this small Korean restaurant, near Ampang Point shopping complex after work. This restaurant is situated upstairs a mamak restaurant, situated at the row of shops on the left of Ampang Point’s main entrance (I can’t recall the name of the restaurant 😦 )

The price of food there is really worth paying for. The taste is good, the place is cozy, & the service there amazes me! I think all the soup & appetizers there are refillable!! *gasps* In total, we paid only around RM15/person for a super-duper meal & we sure had a great time there!

Here’s introducing the food that we had that night:

Appetizers (all FREE & refillable!!)

Dokbokgi (애ㅏ ㅠㅐㅏ 햐): RM10
This dish consists of rice cake (‘tube-like’ dough that resembles the ‘chee cheong fun’) cooked with special chilli sauce (or kimchi ㅏㅑㅡ 초ㅑ sauce), onions, & garlic leaves. I find this dish pretty delicious & it brought back fond memories of my trip to Korea mid this year.

Maeuntang (ㅡㅁ뎌ㅜㅅ뭏): RM35
Overflowing with oysters, clams/lala, prawns, & squid, served in spicy kimchi soup, onions, spring onions, & assorted vegetables, this dish (seafood soup) is a must have when you’re there! There are at least 6 large oysters, 30 clams, 8 prawns, & squid swimming all over. The soup is refillable & reheat-able too!! *waaaaahhh!!* 😀

Samgeopsal (ㄴ므 ㅎ대ㅔ ㄴ미 ): RM25/serving
‘Samgeopsal’ means 3-layers meat. Pieces of meat (in this case pork…you can also order beef slices) are barbequed on an electronic pit & eaten with Chinese lettuce, garlic slice, chilli slice, and sauce. Below are pictures on ‘how to prepare the Samgeopsal’:

1. Place bbq-ed meat on the lettuce leaf

2. Add a slice of garlic

3. Add a slice of green chilli

4. Add pickled vegie (onions & spring onions)

5. Wrap the ingredients in the lettuce leaf & dip into the special sauce. Yummy!

Do drop by that place should you feel like having a Korean meal!


To get there by public transport, you can just take the Putra LRT to KLCC station, walk up the K-Avenue building to Jalan Ampang, get a bus to Ampang Point or take a cab there, & you’ll be able to find this restaurant.

Contact Number: 03-42704952
* The owners speak simple English & the lady boss speaks Mandarin too.


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Kafe 2 Musim Returns

Yes, my colleagues & I were at the Kafe 2 Musim again! Not to say that we fell in love with that place or that place has grade A++ food, but we kinda like the ambiance & the taste of the food isn’t too bad either 😉

This time, we tried the other dishes that are offered at the cafe. SM had her usual Seafood 2 Musim, featured in the past post of PerutBesi, while MM had the Tom Yam Fried Rice; JT had the Fried Bee Hoon, while I had the Taiwanese Soy Noodles (oil-free!).

The taste can be graded as B (average), and the price is the usual cafe price, ranging from RM7/dish-RM20/dish, depending on what you order. We didn’t order anything too expensive, so each of our lunch came up to about ~RM15 each (inclusive of drinks).

Tom Yam Fried Rice- very spicy!!

Fried Bee Hoon

Taiwanese Soy Noodles (oil-free!)

Steaming hot when served…. *yums*

South African Red Bush Tea– an aromatic & sweet-smelling tea, filled with antioxidants (RM4/mug- bottomless)

Green Tea (RM3/mug- bottomless)

Do try out this place especially if you’re around the area of Pusat Bandar Damansara. It’s located near Subway Sandwiches & is quite easy to find 🙂

– Ruth

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Kafe 2 Musim

How many seasons are there in Malaysia? One? Two? Too many to count?? I’m very certain that this one place can tell you! 😉

Located at Pusat Bandar Damansara (PBD), Kuala Lumpur, this little cafe offers a variety of local food & drinks. I was there for lunch yesterday, with 3 colleagues, & we had a good time there, relaxing & blending into the groovy atmosphere. One thing nice about this cafe is that it plays some sort of pop music to accompany their patrons while having their meal 🙂

Prices for meals range from RM4-RM20. A large glass of fruit juice costs RM4, while a decent plate of rice or noodles costs RM8. It may be slightly pricey, I could say, but considering the fact that it’s located in PBD, the atmosphere is nice, AND the food is actually not too bad, it’s a worth-while lunch to have 😛

Here are some of the pics taken during lunch:

Kafe 2 Musim (outside)

Kafe 2 Musim (inside)

Seafood 2 Musim with rice (RM9)

Seafood 2 Musim without rice (RM8)

Green Curry with Lai Fun (RM9)

Tom Yam Chiang Mai Style (RM13) … I think it’s Chiang Mai style… can’t recall

Drinks: Carrot Milk (RM4), Kedondong + Assam Boi (RM4), Apple + Orange (RM5)
-> HYun, Steph, Jen

Steph, Jen, Ruth

Check the place out for yourselves! Cheers!

– Ruth

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MATTA Fair II 2007

The 2nd Matta Fair was held at the PWTC last weekend. Thousands of people, not only Malaysians, but those from all parts of the world, thronged the fair to get the best bargain for their holiday.

I managed to get into the fair right after a visit to the European Union Education Fair in the KL Convention Centre. Entrance fee for the 2nd Matta Fair 2007 was RM3 (I think it’s the same as last time) & each visitor will get a bag upon registration with some goodies in it.


The fair took up 3 halls & every hall has great offers for its patrons. Prices for hotel rooms in local destinations are going as low as RM300.00 for 3 nights (4 pax)! The war of prices were totally evident & it’s amazing at how such fairs attract the load of people.


To think that the economy isn’t doing very well is questionable. Haha. Below RM10,000, one can go on a holiday abroad for almost 6-8 nights, inclusive of accomodation, tour, & air ticket! *faints* Too bad I don’t have such cash to travel around the world. If & when I do, it’ll be a great adventure to embark on!

– Ruth

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Taman Tun’s own Ipoh

Last Friday, 3 colleagues & I had lunch at this Chinese coffee shop in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI). Apparently, the hor fun there is good wor, so we went there to try it out 😛 (I love it when my colleagues are SO into food like me! :lol:) Furthermore, it’s claimed to be the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice in TTDI! 😉


I dare say that the food there is pretty good! Hmm..can give it a 7.5/10 for now…keke. The chicken is nicely done & I like the gravy that comes with the chicken. The tauge is also the authentic Ipoh kind!! Fat & short!! *yums* They had the prawn dumplings, which is pretty good as well…hmm…I think it’s better than the one in Subang that I recently had 😀

Here are some pics that I took:


“White” chicken


Prawn dumpling in ‘choy sum’ soup

Price list

Check it out for yourselves someday!

p/s: It’s opposite the TTDI wet market.

– Ruth

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Trip to Kuala Selangor

Ah. It’s been quite a long time since I last posted anything here! Been caught up with work & the lack of outings contributed to the silence as well 😛 Sorry guys…

Last weekend was a long one as the country celebrated its 50th Anniversary (Independence Day). A couple of friends & I decided to make a trip out of town for some relaxation & some good food, of course! Sadly, Anne can’t join us as she had some other personal agenda.

We went to Kuala Selangor (KS) on Friday itself (31 August 2007) & 3 of us stayed one night at the Kuala Selangor Hotel (more like a motel), while the other 3 friends left for PJ after dinner. Ling, Theng, & I went in 1 car, & we had lunch at Subang Jaya SS12 first, before leaving for KS.

There’s this small restaurant (can’t recall the name!!) selling Ipoh Prawn Dumpling Noodles, which ain’t too bad. I heard that it’s quite packed during work hours, so I guess it’s quite a popular spot 😉

Ipoh Prawn Dumpling Hor Fun (RM5.50 with added prawn dumplings)

After the tasty hor fun, we left for KS, which took us about 1 1/2 hours, using the Klang way. The other alternative route is to use the Sungai Buloh toll & from the toll, there’re signboards leading to KS.

KS is basically a fishing village area. It’s a very small area with practically nothing much to see except fish, the lifestyle of the people there, & some historical places like the Bukit Melawati (lighthouse, monuments, museums). There’s also the firefly sanctuary, which is not to be missed 🙂

Here are the many pics that we took during the trip 😆

1. KS Hotel

RM50/night for 2 ppl (each extra 1 person: +RM5)
– small room with air-con, king size bed, attached bathroom (without heater)
– comments: living condition is alright (3/5), the only thing that ticked us off was the bad service… the lady in-charge of the place was very rude & that kinda ruined our day. She insisted rudely that we pay RM5 for an extra person to stay for a night (1/5)

2. At “Auntie Kopitiam”– a cosy kopitiam opposite the ‘hotel’, which serves quite a good variety of food (photo taken with Ling)

3. Fishing village from opposite of the river

4. At a stall selling coconuts in Pasir Penampang– best place for a HOT day! (photo taken with Theng)

5. Prawn crackers sun-bathing 😛

6. A villager hand-making the fish balls (it’s a huge tub to make!! *faints*)

7. Lighthouse at the peak of Bukit Melawati (photo taken with Fen, Joey, Yo)

8. Sunset at KS from the Kuala Sungai Restaurant where we had dinner

9. Dinner! Fried crayfish (‘lau liu har’ fried ‘lai yau’ style)

10. Sweet & Sour Crab

11. Lala ‘Siong Thong’

12. Steam Siakap fish

13. Stir-fried Kangkung with Belacan

– dinner was at Restaurant Kuala Sungai, at Pasir Penampang, KS
-we had to wait for 1 1/2 hours for the food to arrive!!! *faints* The amount of time to wait could bring us back to PJ for good food d! 😦
– for all those dishes (crabs had a fried mantau alongside) & drinks, it came up to a total of RM110+
– overall, the food was good, but apparently, we could get equally good food, or even better seafood in PJ itself!

Oh ya, we did go to the Firefly Sanctuary at Kampung Kuantan in KS . However, we couldn’t take any pics of the fireflies as we’re not allowed to do so . The boat ride took around 30min in the pitch darkness on a ‘sampan’. It costs RM40/boat (max 4 ppl) & I can assure you that the ride is worth it 😉 The scene of the fireflies in the Berembang tree makes the entire stretch of trees along the river look like beautifully lit Christmas tree!!

KS isn’t too far, & oh yeah, the fresh seafood is worth buying! Anne & I hope that this post will give you some ideas of places to relax & get close to nature once again 😉 Stay tuned!

– Ruth

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Yeah, found another place for good food! This time, it’s the pork ball (the flat ones) noodles at Bangsar 😛

It’s one of the best that I’ve tried so far. Seriously, I can dare say that it IS good. I could give it a grade A for its good taste! Located at a Chinese coffeeshop at Lucky Garden, Bangsar, is this famous pork ball noodles stall. It’s a usual coffeeshop, stuffy, filled with people & no doubt noisy, but my friend told me that the pork ball noodles are good, & so goes the ‘pan mee’ (flat flour noodles served either in soup or dry with dark soya sauce)

The Coffeeshop

I ordered the ‘kon lou loh shu fan’ (dry ‘rat tail’ noodles) & my, my, let me just make your mouth water! (Hurry, prepare a bowl or a pail to contain your uncontrolled salivation!)

‘Kon Lou Loh Shu Fan’

The loh shu fan was chewy, yet not to the extend that it feels like chewing gum, AND soft, but not to the extend that it feels over-cooked or ‘mushy’. Mmm…interesting, eh? It just gave me a ‘feel good’ when I ate it 😛 The mince pork was fragrantly stir-fried; the smell of pork wasn’t pungent to the effect that it feels yucky eating it, but it was nicely mixed with sauce, rich in taste & texture, to give the mince pork some added advantage when mixed with the noodles! Ahahaha…now, to the soup & the meatball itself!

The meatball was ‘springy’ and not too salty, and the soup that came with it was fragrantly spiced with a dash of white pepper & chopped spring onions. Yums! I recommend our dear readers to try it for themselves. It’s something that you won’t regret eating it, even if you feel that there are better ones. And if there are better ones, make sure you introduce it to us, the Perutbesi duo!

* Landmarks: near Bangsar Village & same row as Ipoh White Coffee kopitiam

Kedai Kopi & Makanan Chun Heong,
Lucky Garden, Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur

– Ruth

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