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The Graduated Perutbesi Duo!

Yup, we’ve finally graduated!! Alas, it was a long awaited journey. The past 3 years of studying was indeed an enriching one 🙂 We’ll share more on our convocation soon! As for now, do check out more on our convo in our Perutbesi in the Work-World page. Stay tuned!! 😆


– Ruth


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Trip Back to Kuantan, 20-23 October 2007

Anne & I were back in Kuantan last weekend for our industrial training presentation. The trip back was a very refreshing one, despite the minor load of the presentation 🙂 It was a pity that Anne couldn’t join some friends & I on a short holiday prior to our presentation as she was not feeling well at that time. We were in Bentong, Kuantan, Kemaman (Terengganu), & Karak for the 4days 3nights trip 😛

Below are snap shots of our little trip:

Day 1, 20th October 2007
– Stopped by at Bentong around lunch time for the famous ice kacang. This little coffee shop is situated at the main road of Bentong, opposite the Bentong bus terminal. A bowl of ‘ice kacang special’ costs RM3.50. The ice cream is ‘home-made’! Really delicious! 😛

Bentong Ice Kacang

– Stayed at Holiday Villa on our first night at Cherating. The chalet that we stayed in was cosy & it was directly facing the swimming pool!!

Outside our chalet: Joey, Yo, Ruth

– The weather on our 1st day was nice 🙂 We had a lot of fun at the beach!

Ruth, Wen, Joey

– We drove to a place called Pantai Cherating, about 20 minutes from Holiday Villa, for dinner that night. The name of the restaurant is ‘Can’t Forget Seafood Restaurant’. Interesting name, eh? Indeed, the yummy food there is something that we won’t forget! 😆 After dinner, we actually did something quite interesting 😀 We went on a trip to see the fireflies. The fee/person was RM15 for a one-hour boat ride…*wah* It was kinda fun, but the mosquito bites were really something that we didn’t enjoy at all!

Directions to Can’t Forget Restaurant from Holiday Villa:
1. Holiday Villa on your right, go straight for about 10-15 min.
2. When you see a sign that reads ‘Pantai Cherating’ on your left, take the first right turning immediately.
3. Go all the way straight. You’ll see Cherating Bay Resort on your right & Residence Inn on your left. Keep going straight. You’ll pass a horse ranch on your left.
4. Take the right turning after the horse ranch. You’ll see a lot of small restaurants on both sides of the road. Keep going straight.
5. Almost to the end of the road, you’ll see the ‘Can’t Forget Seafood Restaurant’ on your right!


Seafood Tom Yam (~ RM15)

Marmite Prawns (~ RM15)

Kam Heong Style Crabs (RM17 for ½ kg)

Stir-fried Choy Sum with Salted Fish (~ RM8)

Fried Squid Rings (~ RM10)

Joey, promoting the restaurant

Yo & I in front of the restaurant

Boat trips available

Activities available at the beach area

Day 2, 21st October 2007
– I woke up early to catch the sunrise before heading off to the nearby Malay stall for some good nasi dagang 😛 The view of the sunrise was pretty! If I had woken up earlier, I would have caught an even nicer view…




Lovely Waves at Cherating

Nasi Dagang


– While I went out to church that day, the rest went to Kemaman. They visited the famous Hai Peng Kopitiam, went to a very beautiful beach called Pantai Teluk Mak Nik, & even had the chance to see how batik is made!

Vietnamese Coffee at Hai Peng, Kemaman
(This is how the coffee is brewed. The coffee beans are grinded & placed on a special filter, while the coffee slower trickles into the cup. Professionally, the cup should be transparent, but this is a typical kopitiam… 😆 )


Pantai Teluk Mak Nik



– After church, I had a taste of the famous cendol in Kuantan. This stall is parked outside a row of shops along Jalan Beserah. It’s not that difficult to locate it, but you just have to be observant to spot this stall 😉 The prices are very reasonable, so no worries!


Cendol Campur (RM1.20/bowl): shaved ice in coconut milk & brown sugar, served with green cendol, jelly bits, soft red beans, sweet corn, & peanuts.

Cendol Campur Pulut (RM1.50/bowl): shaved ice in coconut milk & brown sugar, served with green cendol, jelly bits, soft red beans, sweet corn, peanuts, & baked glutinous rice

Day 3, 22nd October 2007
– Before checking in to the next hotel, Vistana Hotel, Kuantan, 3 of us friends headed to Hai Peng Kopitiam, Kuantan, for some coffee. Hai Peng, Kuantan, is situated opposite Public Bank & Am Bank in Kuantan. I can’t recall the road name, but it’s a road apart (parallel) from Jalan Besar. According to Joey, this branch of Hai Peng serves better toast & somewhat more fragrant coffee as compared to the Kemaman branch.

Hai Peng’s Ice Coffee

Toast bread (lightly wholemeal) with Butter and Kaya

Half-boiled Eggs

Delicious bread & coffee!

– In the evening, we went to Teluk Cempedak (TC) for a stroll & supposedly to climb some rocks, but the weather didn’t permit us to do so in the end *aww*

Joey & Ruth at TC

Ruth & Yo on top of some rocks

– We had dinner at a cozy restaurant called ‘The Cottage’, on the row of shops before Public Bank & Am Bank. Joey wanted to have the petai fried beehoon, which is only available in Kuantan in 2 places, Meng Yang coffee shop (closed that night), & The Cottage.

Petai Fried Rice (yeah, she changed her mind)

Claypot Loh Shu Fun

Seafood Tom Yam (the one at Can’t Forget Seafood Restaurant is still much better)

Day 4, 22nd October 2007
– Before heading back to uni for our presentation, we made our final food-stop, roti canai at Kubang Buaya. This stall is a really humble Malay stall & no one would have ever known of its existence, but I assure you that it serves pretty delicious roti canai at just RM0.70! The stall is located at Jalan Kubang Buaya 56.

Roti Canai (RM0.70/piece)

Roti Telur (RM1.30/piece)

The Roti Canai Stall

– After our presentation, which was in the late afternoon, we spent some time with some friends at the cafeteria before heading back to Petaling Jaya. The journey home was a very peaceful one & the entire 4days 3nights was certainly a trip that we’ll cherish for a long, long time.

The journey home…

– Ruth

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We miss Kuantan (badly)!

It’s been almost 3 weeks since we started our internship. The working world has been very new to the both of us, although it’s not something entirely new to us. We’ve worked before, but somehow it’s very different from what we did the last time we worked.

Being in the IT field, we are somehow trapped in the ever evolving lifestyle & it’s just difficult for us to adjust to the current situation. Both of us are from Kuala Lumpur, & yeah, sure, KL has loads to offer, much more than Kuantan, I could dare say, but somehow, we feel something amiss *sigh*

 Here’s what KL offers:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Shopping
  • Transport convenience
  • Loads of food

Here’s what we miss about Kuantan:

  • Family (also)
  • Friends (also)

At Berkelah

^ Our last day before we left for our internship

  • UMP

UMP, Pahang

^ Universiti Malaysia Pahang

  • Authentic East Coast Food (nasi dagang, keropok lekor…etc)

Kemaman Kopitiam

^ Keropok Lekor


^ Nasi Dagang

Nasi Briyani

^ Nasi Briyani

  • Nature & the peaceful environement: Sungai Lembing, Cherating, TC

serene Kuantan_1

^ Kuantan town


^ Teluk Cempedak


^ Sungai Lembing in the early morning

We really look forward to going back there someday soon. Being tied down to the job now, it’ll be some time ’til we actually have time to get away together for another episode of Perutbesi Adventure 🙂

We’ll continue & try our best to keep this site updated. The both of us have been really busy since our internship started & have only met up face-to-face ONCE due to our busy schedule. ‘Til we post our next entry, stay tuned & have a good time at work and play!

– Ruth & Anne

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Bayleaf Steak House

Here’s introducing an interesting eatery, Bayleaf Steak House! (Im not sure if that’s the actual name, but it’s called Bayleaf) Located at Kuantan Garden, it settles at a pretty much serene residential area, one of the most densedly populated residential areas in Kuantan.

I dont have the exact address, but if you know where Vistana Kuantan is, it’ll be pretty easy to find this restaurant 🙂

 Brief direction:

  1. Vistana Hotel on your left, take the first left turning into a residential area after the hotel.
  2. You will see a Medan Selera (Foodcourt) on your left; go all the way straight until you come to a crossroad (t-junction)
  3. Take a right turn and turn left at the first left junction. You will see a row of shophouses on your left & on your right.
  4. Take a right turn into lane of the shophouses. The restaurant will be on your left 🙂

Bayleaf serves good local & western cuisines, ranging from the simple ‘nasi lemak’ (coconut rice served with fried anchovies, cucumber, boiled/fried egg, peanuts, and sambal) to the sophisticated Chicken Fajitas. It offers a good variety of Malay, Chinese, Italian, French, and English food at what I feel a reasonable price. For the price that you pay for, you’ll get a good portion of yummy food, and a pretty ‘romantic’ ambience in the restaurant.

This place is suitable for family dinners, celebration dinners, and even a simple long-table party with friends! The place is usually packed & it’s best to book a place before going there for dinner. This restaurant has a ‘brother’ near the Maxis centre at Jalan Beserah called Eastgrill. It is believed that Eastgrill is often more crowded than Bayleaf, but the food is on par 🙂

These are the food that my family & I had that night (28 April 2007). There wasn’t any special occasion, but since it was my last few nights in Kuantan with them, they took me for some good food 🙂

– Cutlery at Bayleaf. Somehow I can’t resist the temptation to capture sights like this!

bayleaf cutlery

– Bayleaf’s Special (a concoction of fresh mango juice, with mango slices & nata-de-coco)

bayleaf’s special 

– Thai mango salad (pretty nice appetizer 😛 )

bayleaf appetizer menu

bayleaf thai mango salad

– My main course: Chicken Fajitas

bayleaf main menu

The Chicken Fajitas comes in a set of sizzling chicken & steaming hot tortillas! Absolutely yummy!! 😛

bayleaf chicken fajitas

bayleaf chicken fajitas totillas

– My sister’s dinner: Chicken Caeser Salad (garden green salad served with chicken bits)

bayleaf chicken caeser salad

– Her husband’s dinner: Fisherman’s Choice (a mixture of seafood, served with crinkled cut french fries)

bayleaf’s fisherman’s choice

– My ‘god-ma’s’ dinner: Chicken chop

bayleaf chicken chop

– These are what the kids had: Salmon Terriyaki & Forest Mushroom Soup

bayleaf salmon terriyaki

bayleaf forest mushroom soup

Overall, the family paid around RM120 or less for a 5-pax meal at a really good ambience restaurant 🙂 Oh, this place is halal, so for those who are on a look out for good halal western/local food, I recommend this place!

Bon apetit!

– Ruth & Anne

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Only in Kuantan…

There are certain home-cooked dishes that we could get only in Kuantan. I know that I won’t be able to get it anywhere else but here.

Last week, I had a thanksgiving cum farewell dinner at my Kuantan home. It felt like a Christmas dinner! Here’re some pictures of the food we had to whet your appetite!

This is the spagetti (sprinkled with some herbs)


   and it comes with the red Italian sauce (tomato puree, minced chicken, diced capsicum, fresh tomatoes, sliced button mushrooms, & italian herbs)!

spagetti sauce

We had grilled lamb too… marinated with rosemary, thyme, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, and loads of patience to give it a kick of taste!

grilled lamb

Below are the chicken pies 🙂 Under the layer of pie crust is a variety of ‘jewels’! There are chicken chunks, sausages, potatoes, baby carrots, mixed vegetables, sliced button mushrooms, & I’ve no idea what else…bottom line- it taste REALLY good 😉

chicken pie

This is the baked potato slices. It may not look as interesting as the rest of the dishes, but it certainly tastes equally good 😉 It’s just sliced potatoes and whipped cream plus ‘I dunno what else’ and places to bake to perfection! Yummy!

baked potatoes

At one glance, this salad is reconisable, eh? Yes, this is done by yours truly 😛 It’s just sliced green australian ‘yau mak’, diced capsicum, sliced purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, and Thousand Island to dress the salad up!


Here’s the dessert: Bread Pudding! It tastes very much like the usual bread, except a little more moist, and topped with sugar & raisins to add an esquisite flavour to the pudding. It’s not exactly a cold dish, but it does go VERY well wif vanilla ice-cream!

bread pudding

 I hope the array of food gave you the desire to explore further into the world of FOOD! Bon apetit!

 – Ruth

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A day at Berkelah

We are back! 🙂 First of all we would like to apologise for being idle for the past few weeks. It has been a trully hectic week for us. Despite the sleepless nights and mountain high works, we managed to get some time off for a short but memorable getaway with our coursemates. We were introduced to a place called ‘Hutan Lipur Berkelah’. A scenic picnic place, which is just 30 minutes from our uni.

What they have there

Berkelah Waterfall

Closer View

Friend in action

Group photo
With coursemates at the top of Berkelah Waterfall

Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak from Warung Keluarga

How to get there?

Warung Keluarga is situated in the small town of Gambang. It offers a variety of Malay food for breakfast and lunch. Their nasi lemak is just so-so. However, a friend mentioned that their Nasi Dagang is worth trying out 🙂

-Anne & Ruth

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Ikan Bakar Dinner!

I finally found where the delicious ikan bakar restaurant is in Kuantan (on 18 March 2007)! *sigh* The last time we went to Tanjung Lumpur, we just couldn’t locate that particular restaurant! That’s why we ended up eating at the chinese seafood restaurant, Tanjung.

This time around, thanks to the uncles & aunties that I stay & hang out with in Kuantan, I got to that place for dinner. Below are the details of the restaurant:

Name: Ana Ikan Bakar
Specialty: Ikan bakar (barbequed fish)
Location: Tanjung Lumpur
Directions: From Kuantan town, go towards Tanjung Lumpur. You will have to drive across a bridge/ fly-over, which overlooks the Kuantan river. Take the first turning on your left, leading into a small lane. Turn left at the end of the lane and go all the way straight until you see the signboard that says “Ana Ikan Bakar” (or something along those lines…haha..i can’t recall the full name).
Description about the place: It is actually a big Malay stall-like restaurant. Usually, it has the most customers compared to the entire row of stalls on that road; you can’t miss it. It offers a variety of local delights, from the famous ikan bakar, to the sotong bakar (barbequed squid), crabs, prawns, lala (clams…i think they call it clams), and the local Malay food like tom yam, kai lan fried with salted fish, & the not-to-be-missed Glas Besar (huge glass of fruit juice)!

The variety of fish brings to mind the market place 😉 By just looking at the variety of fresh seafood that they offer, your mouth would just water 😛 (although those creatures look very much alive! Freaky….)

The price is pretty reasonable, really. I’m not sure how much we paid for that night’s meal, as the uncles are the ones paying (and it would be rude for me to ask since I am not paying), but they assured me that it is worth the portion & taste that you get.

Here are some of the dishes that we had that night (it’s a little blur as I took using a camera phone):

– The variety of fresh fish


– The fish we had (kai yoke yue)


– Of squid & prawns


– Flower crabs


– Barbequed ‘chicken meat fish’ (kai yoke yue)
bbq sting ray

– Stir fried kai lan (veg) with salted fish


– Mixed meat tom yam


– Stir-fried lala (clams…I dunno what it’s called in English)


– Large glass of orange juice (Glas Besar)

Glas besar

The overall rating for this place is perhaps a 3.5/5. It’s not a very large place, slightly too smokey (cos of the barbeque going on), but the food is good lar 😉 Besides, it’s opposite the sea shore! Some ambience that gives some groove to the restaurant 🙂

– Ruth

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