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PerutBesi in Singapore

I was in Singapore from the 14th-16th of Sept, just last weekend. The trip was a very fulfilling one, & I indeed had an awesome time there. Didn’t spend much, really- thanks to friends working in Spore who gave myself treat after treats! 😛

I was actually there for a ‘mission’- to give a surprise birthday bash to my best friend, Gloria. Her bf was the one who thought of this plan & asked if I was interested to be a part of it 😀 Definitely!

To cut things short:

I arrived in Spore on Friday night around 11.30pm, & YH picked me up from the bus terminal before heading to his house for a night’s rest. So, I was ‘hiding’ in his house all along, without the knowledge of Gloria. Wakaka. To get ourselves into her house, he purposely left his MP3 in her house the night before & asked for her house keys the next day to retrieve it. When we got the key, we duplicated it & I was in her house half the afternoon on Saturday to decorate the place & set up the surprise. 😀

At 6pm,PA & RY arrived at Gloria’s house & waited til she came home. YH went to pick her up from church & he sent a ‘signal’ to me when they were downstairs. Coolness. We got the cake ready, turned off all the lights & fan, & stood still, with PA holding the cake. Haha…very funny. 😆

When Gloria opened the door, we started singing “Happy Birthday” & she screamed, standing still at the door. She screamed not once, but TWICE! #1. she thought her house was broken into, #2. she saw that it was me, PA, & RY, 3 church friends of her’s back in Msia! *rofl* I laughed so much til I can’t sing the song properly d. 😛

Anyways, we had the delicious chocolate cake from Bengawan Solo, & headed to The Villa’ge for dinner.

The chocolate cake from Bengawan Solo Cake House, a very famous Singaporean brand:

The Villa’ge (Orchard Road) is something like Marche’s. The concept is the same, just that the name’s different. The place is like a market with many stall selling food, & diners are given a card with a bar code to be scanned, each time we order any food from any stall. At the end of the meal, all the cards will be presented at the cashier & the cashier will scan from the bar code the amount to be paid. There were 5 of us for the dinner & we sure had a lot of food & a lot of fun as well! Food was good, fellowship better, & ambiance, great!

The Villa’ge:



Rosti withsunny-side-up egg & cheese pork sausage:

What we had for dinner (clockwise)- rosti, fried dory fish fillet & potato wedges, deep fried squid rings, deep fried soft shell crabs, Caesar salad, & pizza (not in pic):

My drink- kiwi + cucumber + apple (good for skin):

Crepe with chocolate ice cream & banana slices:

The gang:

After The Villa’ge, we went to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at the Esplanade 😀 Glorious chocolate! This is like a chocolate cafe (like Starbucks), & they serve EVERYTHING chocolate! Yummilicious! The price is also like the usual coffee cafes, dollar to dollar, in SGD. Worth going there once in a while. Really. Excellent choc delights!

Here’s what we had:

The café/ bar:


The menu:

Chocolate fondue:


1. Let the chocolate melt nicely
2. Pick up a piece of fruit or marshmallow with the special ‘fork’
3. Dip the fruit/marshmallow in the chocolate
4. Enjoy it bit by bit!

Dark chocolate suckao:


1. Pick up the chocolate pellets with the special spoon cum straw
2. Pour in some milk to make the chocolate melt faster & smoother
3. Stir the concoction & allow the chocolate to melt to perfection
4. Either suck the choco or eat it with the spoon! *yums*

Hot dark chocolate with orchid oil in a hug mug:

1. Hold the cup with both hands like you’re hugging it
2. Slowly sip the chocolate & enjoy the aromatic orchid oil

Dripping milk chocolate from the marshmallow:

All for the photo:

At the Esplanade/ Merlion:

By the time we arrived home, it was past midnight already. All of us were very tired, but no doubt, we had a lot of fun & enjoyed each other’s company! Although my trip to Singapore was a very short one (I left for KL at 2.30pm the next day), I felt that it was a worth-while trip 😉 Oh yeah, before I left Singapore, I had lunch at this Japanese restaurant in Novena Square. The food isn’t too bad (can’t recall the name of the restaurant though).

Fried prawns with mayonnaise:

Pai Ku Ramen:

Ajishou Ramen (I think that’s the name):

– Ruth

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SOULed Out – So Lip Smacking

Check out the ever famous Souled Out Cafe & Bar for a cozy yet happening dining experience. Not to mention a food outlet, which is almost full all the time 🙂


Souled Out is famous for its location, atmosphere and friendly services. Had an opportunity to dine with a big group of colleagues at Souled Out, Desa Sri Hartamas last Friday. It was my first time there. My friends often told me that it is one of the best hangout place and i don’t really believe them until i made my way there. One friend described the place as a ‘high class mamak’..hmmm. It was indeed packed with diners and you really have to make sure you be there early or make a reservation in advance to avoid disappointment 🙂

Souled Out offers a mixed of 3 cuisines, namely Western, Indian and Malayian favourites. Their Indian dishes are superb and highly recommended by one of my colleague. Souled Out menu listed almost 100 different dishes and their price is somehow ‘well priced’ (*i can’t think of a proper word right now :P), if compared with the service and the quality of food they offer.

Some of the foods we had…

Chicken Ala Kiev (RM23)
Chicken Ala Kiev

Carbonara (RM18)

Garlic Naan (RM6)
Garlic and Cheese Naan

Tom Yam Noodle (RM16)
Tom Yam

Ravieli Asparagus (RM20)
Ravieli Asparagus

Fish Burger (RM16)

Long Island (RM27)
Virgin Island

No. 20, Jalan 30/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2300 1955
You can submit online reservation through their website here

Special credit to the following great folks 🙂


JH – For being a safe driver that nite
Brian – For being a brave food photographer that nite. I admit that i do chicken out a bit a lot w/o Ruth around..hehe
Ning – For typing the hard-to-remember cum long name of dishes we had that nite. Believe me, she can type REAL FAST with her hp
Yaz & Heeman – For their encouraging words. Can’t remember who, but one of them actually said ‘Be brave, you are a food blogger wat….’
Lai – For the funny games
PY – For inviting us
To the rest of the group – Thanks for making the night a memorable one 🙂


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Food fiesta even in the office?

The one thing about my workplace (aside from work) is the word “Food”. Interestingly, most people who enter this company to work will eventually look ‘fuller’… 😆 I’m not an exception!! *faints*

Last Friday, we had the usual monthly office birthday-babies-of-the-month lunch. This time’s lunch was “WAH!”. Usually, we’ll have catered rice or something around that sort. This time around, we had: *drumrolls* 😆



Does it look like Kenny Rogers Roasters? Teeheeheehee… the person in charge managed to get someone to cook up loads of black-pepper quarter roasters, mash potatoes, stir fried vegie, & fried rice 😛 Yum yum… so far the best office-lunch I’ve ever had! 😀

– Ruth

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Cheap & Delicious Western Food!

Alright! It’s time to introduce some Western food after all the Chinese food that we’ve blogged on 😛

This place is the one place that I know offers reasonably priced and GOOD Western food. It’s located at the same area as the Tea Time Restaurant/Coffee Shop, SS26, & is actually directly opposite Tea Time Restaurant! It’s a corner coffee shop called “Restoran Mayang Jaya” (if I remember correctly) This coffee shop offers a good variety of chinese food too: penang fried kuey teow, fish ball noodles, pork noodles, chicken rice, Assam laksa, curry laksa, wan tan mee, mixed economy rice, Seremban siew pau, ‘chan pau’, fruits…etc.

The Western food stall opens from morning to mid noon. It serves a variety of chops & steaks, ranging from chicken to fish, beef, lamb, & even pork. The price is VERY reasonable for the portion that you get, and if you’re a frequent patron there, that uncle may just give u an extra sausage or a bigger portion of the meat!

I usually have the Chicken Maryland or the Fish & Chips. The prices of food that I usually have are as below:

  • Chicken Chop: RM7
  • Chicken Maryland: RM8
  • Fish & Chips: RM7
  • Breakfast set: RM5

I find the prices very reasonable for the portion served 😛 Here are some pics to whet your taste buds!

The menu of Western Food served

The 2 dishes that I usually order, Chicken Maryland, & Fish & Chips

Breakfast set for RM5

  • 1 piece of ham
  • 1 piece of bacon
  • 1 ‘Bull’s Eye’ fried egg
  • 1 sausage (he gave me an extra!)
  • 1 buttered bun
  • shoe-string fries
  • baked beans
  • sliced tomato& cucumbers as dressing 😛

Chicken Maryland (served with black pepper sauce) for RM8

  • 1 piece of fried breaded chicken (it’s the drumstick part!)
  • 1 ‘Bull’s Eye’ fried egg
  • 2 sausages
  • 1 buttered bun
  • shoe-string fries
  • baked beans
  • mayonnaise/tartar sauce
  • sliced tomato& cucumbers as dressing 😛

This is the only place that I find worth eating. Really. If you’re around that area, do drop by to try it out. If you come across any Western food that is of greater value & of better taste, do drop us a note & we’d love to check it out for ourselves!

Here’s a simple map to help u get to the coffee shop. If you know the SS26 area well, you’ll be able to locate it easily. It’s near William’s mamak, the old Lim Kok Wing building, and the Taman Megah primary school.


– Ruth

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