Perutbesi in the Work-World

Yup! Finally the Ruthless Eaters a.k.a. Perutbesi duo are out of uni! We’ve just completed our industrial training a month ago, & we’ll be entering the work-world next month! Goodness me, how time flies! 😀

Both of us were just in Kuantan for our industrial training presentation & to hand up our report. Alas, the time has come where we are no longer students! *mourns* The next phase of our lives will surely be a greater challenge to us. Both of us will be working at Cyberjaya, & will probably meet up with each other more often as compared to our industrial training days! 😆 Oh no no, we aren’t in the same company, but it so happens that our companies are in CJ. Teeheehee…

We’ll do our very best to keep this site alive & vibrant! Our thanks goes to all our faithful readers & supporters! We will not disappoint you all!! Stay tuned!

– The Perutbesi Duo 

We’re into our 3rd week of work in Cyberjaya already. Things have been moving so fast that we hardly have time to do anything else! Anne & I hardly have time to meet up. So far, we’ve only met 3x in 3 weeks…ok, sounds like a lot, but nope, it’s not.

We haven’t had time to go hunt for good food & so far, we’re stuck with ‘ok’ food in Cyberjaya, Dengkil, & Seri Kembangan. At times, when the pile of work reaches our throat, we’ll just have to settle for our company’s cafeteria food, which has ‘ok’ food at ‘ok’ price. *sigh* Sounds sad, eh? Perhaps this is the life of a working adult *gulp*

We’ll do our very best to keep this site alive. If any of our faithful readers have any new eatery to introduce to us, do let us know! ‘Til the next post, have fun hunting for good food!

– Ruth

(last updated 19 November 2007)

Hey dear readers!! The Perutbesi duo have finally graduated as Software Engineers!!! *cheers* Our convocation was held last Saturday (1st December 2007) at the Dewan Jubli Perak, Kuantan. We were there for 2 days…yeah, a superbly short & tiring trip, but worth the effort 😛

Here are some photos to share with all of you!

Foursome 🙂 : Ruth, Anne, Coey, Joey

One big happy family!! It’s the 1st time our 4 families came together 😛

The Software Engineers (Class of 2004)

Stay tuned for more on our convocation!

– Ruth & Anne

(last updated 4 December 2007)

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    hong nguyen said,

    ahhhhhhh you guys are the coolest! i ran across your food blog and i loved it! x]

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